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Things That Get Me Pumped About Travel

We all have those things that inspire us to get out there and see the world. These are mine. Books Sihpromatum – I Grew My Boobs in China by Savannah Grace […]

Worst Six Moments in Six Months

To match my Top Six Moments in Six Months, I have to talk about the WORST six moments. They are in no particular order and are each a different kind […]

Top Six Moments in Six Months

I cannot believe I have lived in Ireland for SIX MONTHS!!! I’ve hit the half way marker!!! WHAT!??!?! In honor of my sixth month anniversary living in Ireland, I am going […]

Today I am Thankful for Close Friends

One of the best parts of living in Ireland is having someone from home so close by. Marian lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a mere two and a half hours via bus […]

No One Talks About This

I’ve been in Ireland for five months now and truly love it. It’s a great experience! I have lots of fun and friends and work is going well. But there […]

Excited to Announce…

… that I have booked my flight to Israel! I cannot believe that I am making the journey to Jerusalem this May. Israel is one of those places I heard […]

Walk n Talk Dublin

So today I took my camera out into the city and walked n talked about what I was looking at.  Have a look and see some of Dublin!

Top Five Most Memorable Travel Moments

1. Canyoning in Switzerland. Summer 2012. Strapped down in wet suits, boots, a life jacket, and a helmet, we set off on a two-hour trek through the Swiss Alps.  Jumping […]

My Mantra

Do you have words that you live by? A quote by your favorite author or a definition that states exactly what you are? Maybe a Bible verse that comforts you […]

Norway the Beautiful

Oslo’s sights and sounds resemble every other European city.  Ancient structures with modern touches surrounded by industrial glass building.  Everywhere you turn, another striking building stands in your face.  Some […]

It’s the Little Things

Been in Ireland for a gran total of about 6 hours. And I’ve already made a friend!!!!!!!! It’s the little things in life. Now I have to find food. The […]

Coffee High

explodingdog: Crazy Monster gets himself ready for the day Words cannot describe how accurate this is!!! I landed in Dublin this morning at about 4:30 AM eastern time. It was […]

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