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7 Days

That’s all I have left in Ireland. 7 Days.  Why does time have to go so fast and be so unfair? I don’t understand it. I have lots of stories […]


I GO HOME TO AMERICA TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The alarm clock will ring around 8.00am, but I’m 90% sure I will be up well before then out of pure excitement. It is […]

Doomed from the Start

I was doomed from the start. My parents would plop mine and my sister’s butts in the backseat of the car, and we would take off on long road trips […]

The Golden Rule of Travel: Be Flexible.

I am a let’s-find-a-place-to-stay-and-wing-it kind of traveler. For instance, when my friends and I hopped a plane to Switzerland in Summer 2012, all we knew was that we had a […]

Missing Home…

Christmas pjs cause we are missing home and don’t wanna get out of bed. #USA #Sweden #MerryChristmasFromIreland

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