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From the Diary: Scotland

I’ve recently gone through my diary (the written, gut wrenching, shaming diary) that I’ve kept over the last five years. I take it on pretty much every big trip I […]

Egypt: Day Two

January 26, Lake Nasser, Egypt  Today was wonderful. I woke up just before 7.00am and laid in bed reading until breakfast. I’m re-reading the Hunger Games for the fifth time. […]

Egypt: Day 1

Hey guys!!  When I got to Egypt I ran into a problem: a serious lack of internet. Because of that, I was unable to post live while I was there, and […]

8 Essentials for a Better Flight

Whenever I travel via airplane, I always pack a few handy items with me. These items can make or break a flight. So I am here to share with you […]

The Worst Thing to Happen before a Trip

Of all the things that could go wrong before a big trip, snow storms, family emergencies, financial issues, etc., falling ill would have to be my number one worst thing […]

Holidays Away From Home

This is a column I wrote for the Times-Georgian earlier this week. Hope you all enjoy!  Merry Christmas! It never occurred to me how much I loved spending holidays with […]

Pike’s Peak Photo Blog

My aunt Joan and I went to Pike’s Peak in Colorado last month. It was a WONDERFUL day full of wandering around and freezing our butts off. Joan and I […]

Cherry Blossom Festival – Washington DC

Earlier this year, April to be exact, I visited some friends in Washington DC to explore the Cherry Blossom Festival. We wandered through the National Mall looking for the perfect […]

Garden of the Gods

Last month, my aunt, Joan, and I hopped aboard a 7:00am flight to Denver, Colorado. We had a rental car lined up, a hotel reservation, and a train ticket to […]

Baseball 2015

In the 2015 MLB season, I did not make it to a single Atlanta Braves baseball game, but I did go to Opening Day of another team and I saw […]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Magic Kingdom

The following is a column that I wrote for the Times Georgian in Carrollton, GA. Do your research. Walt Disney World is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the […]

Reserve and Learn

Public transportation in Germany has been really efficient. I have mastered the BVG in Berlin. I confidently hop from station to station to reach my destinations. I took a train […]

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