I Lived.

Well, it’s here!! One year living in Dublin, Ireland and traveling around Europe and Israel caught on video. I finished the editing and every clip is only two seconds long. … Continue reading I Lived.

Remembering My Trip to Israel

In May, I made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and that trip has forever changed my life. Our group visited the Herodian, the palace that Herod the Great built for himself outside … Continue reading Remembering My Trip to Israel

Top 10 Best Views

1. Jerusalem, Israel from the Mt. of Olives I have never been so moved by a view as I was from this one. Looking out over the rolling hills and … Continue reading Top 10 Best Views

I Need Y’alls Help!!!

Hey y’all!! Ok, so I’m headed to Israel on TUESDAY!!! 🙂 I am not going to take my laptop on this trip because I don’t want to risk something happening … Continue reading I Need Y’alls Help!!!

Miss Impulse Flight Buyer and Trip Booker

So I have once again fallen victim to impulse flight booking. If you don’t remember the first time, check it out here. This tends to be a problem when payday comes … Continue reading Miss Impulse Flight Buyer and Trip Booker