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12 People You Meet While Living Abroad

The American Studying Abroad This person never seems to study for their classes. And they drink a lot because they’re usually underage back home. Your International Flatmate(s) This person (or […]

Am I Afraid to Travel?

Often, I am asked, “Are you not afraid to just show up in a city by yourself?” “Don’t you worry about terrorist groups?” “Aren’t you scared of what could happen?” […]

The Power of Scent

So the strangest/best thing happened last night. It was late. I’d been out with friends catching up, got home, talked to my parents, and finally around 11.30pm, I made my […]

Words Used by Others to Describe Me

Traveler Definition: noun – a person who is traveling or who often travels. How I feel about it: This one I like. I do travel. It is my love, my passion, […]

Sleet vs Hail

One of the most difficult things to get over in Ireland was the weather. Everyone was always talking about it. What they called hail though is most certainly NOT the […]

Another Thing Living Abroad Taught Me

Living abroad taught me how to be alone. I’m writing this from my phone as I sit alone in Subway. Before moving to Ireland, I don’t think I would have […]

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