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Road Tripping Ireland

So last night, my friend Ryan and I sat down with our MacBooks and planned our trip to Donegal. It started off as a simple, “Let’s take the bus over to Donegal […]

Feeling 22

My birthday TOMORROW, August 29th, and I’ll  be turning 23!!!  With the arrival of another birthday and the passing of another year, I am forced to look back on the […]

Six Months of Ireland Montage

So many amazing moments over the last six months! Here is a visual montage of my life over the course of half a year in Ireland. Make sure to click […]

Top Six Moments in Six Months

I cannot believe I have lived in Ireland for SIX MONTHS!!! I’ve hit the half way marker!!! WHAT!??!?! In honor of my sixth month anniversary living in Ireland, I am going […]

What am I – a Local or a Tourist?

Here is another column I wrote for the Times-Georgian! Hope you enjoy! 🙂 When my official Six Month comes up (ON SUNDAY!!!) I will tell you which one I think […]

To Cross or Not to Cross?

That is the question. Crossing the street should not be considered an art, but in Ireland it is. Ireland is full of back roads that the drivers speed around as […]

St. Patrick’s Day is Coming

I am so excited to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland!! It is something I can check off the bucket list and always look back on.  In the coming days […]

Lost and Stranded Travelers

A few months ago, I got a message on Facebook from Brianna Evans, a girl from my hometown, telling me she was planning a trip to Ireland, England, and Scotland […]

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