I Lived.

Well, it’s here!! One year living in Dublin, Ireland and traveling around Europe and Israel caught on video. I finished the editing and every clip is only two seconds long. … Continue reading I Lived.

Feeling 22

My birthday TOMORROW, August 29th, and I’ll  be turning 23!!!  With the arrival of another birthday and the passing of another year, I am forced to look back on the … Continue reading Feeling 22

Top 10 Best Views

1. Jerusalem, Israel from the Mt. of Olives I have never been so moved by a view as I was from this one. Looking out over the rolling hills and … Continue reading Top 10 Best Views

Colors of Europe

Earlier today, I saw a post on the BuzzFeed where they showed pictures of some of the most colorful places around the world. It got me to thinking about some … Continue reading Colors of Europe

Money and Sherbet Ice Cream: Monaco

The only way to describe Monaco is Money and Sherbet Ice Cream. Monaco, a sherbet ice cream color town, is the 2.02 km2 playground for the world’s rich and famous. The walls … Continue reading Money and Sherbet Ice Cream: Monaco