I Lived.

Well, it’s here!! One year living in Dublin, Ireland and traveling around Europe and Israel caught on video. I finished the editing and every clip is only two seconds long. Apologies in advance because, well, I am not a videographer. Haha! You’ll see what I mean. But this video is very personal with close friends […]

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Feeling 22

My birthday TOMORROW, August 29th, and I’ll  be turning 23!!!  With the arrival of another birthday and the passing of another year, I am forced to look back on the one that’s just gone. I cannot believe that I’ve spent 11 of the 12 months of my 22nd year here in Ireland. It was the […]

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That Time I Ate a Hotdog in Denmark

So we landed in Copenhagen earlier today and the cultural stuff started immediately. Matilda walked me straight to a Danish hotdog stand which looked vastly similar to the ones at home. They offered original dogs, what was called French dogs, and burgers. Matilda ordered us two Polse (pronounced pul-sa) hotdogs. They’re literally foot long naked […]

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