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Gap Year: Yes or No?

  I should begin with the fact that this post is based strictly on my experiences and opinions, and the experiences I have heard about from friends also on this […]

First Time Traveler vs Experienced Traveler

First Time Traveler : Ahhh!!! I am SO pumped! Paris!! London!! AMSTERDAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Experienced Traveler : Paris, London, Amsterdam! Wooo…. I mean, Yay!!! FTT : My Passport is gonna be loaded with stamps! Come […]

Getting to London

In the last few hours since leaving Dublin, my mama was searched twice, we lost my dad, and saw people “even Hell would refuse.” Goodness y’all. It’s been an adventure. […]

An Irish Tan

Ireland’s weather stays perpetually around fifty-seven degrees with grey clouds threatening rain. It is not often that we are blessed with warm sunny days, but when they happen, the entire […]

Money and Sherbet Ice Cream: Monaco

The only way to describe Monaco is Money and Sherbet Ice Cream. Monaco, a sherbet ice cream color town, is the 2.02 km2 playground for the world’s rich and famous. The walls […]

Travels With My Sister

Payton and I finally got to France late Friday night and have really enjoyed ourselves! The day started off poorly yesterday when I woke to remember that my luggage never […]

The Struggle of Ordering Food in Ireland

In honor of my return flight to Dublin tomorrow, I thought I would share with y’all a column I wrote for the Times-Georgian about ordering food in Ireland. Hope you enjoy!! […]

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