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Upcoming Trips

Ok guys. I have some exciting stuff happening! Pending I can get the two days off I would like to in the month of April, I will be traveling in […]

Just Bought a Plane Ticket!!!

Y’all!! I just bought my first plane ticket on 2015!! I have the world’s biggest and most goofiest smile on my face, and I don’t even care. It was wonderful. […]

6 Cities in Europe You May Not Think About

Rotterdam, Holland Why it’s great:¬†Skyscrapers and boat taxis When you should go:¬†Spring. Warm weather. What you should do: Rotterdam as a ton of museums some¬†of which focus on German occupation […]

Kilmainham Gaol – Dublin, Ireland

My friend Laura took me to Kilmainham Gaol (kill-main-ham jail)¬†as one of the final things to do in Dublin. She grew up in Dublin but had not been to the […]

What was my favorite country?

I wish I could give a more concise answer. The truth is that they were all my favorite countries for different reasons. I loved being in Belgium at Christmastime. The […]

To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

Ok guys, let’s have honesty time! How many of us have ever just taken time out of our travel adventures to rest or sleep? I know I have! In the […]

Just Think About This

So I just started reading a new book called What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman. This is a quote from the prologue:: I love that […]

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