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Category: Egypt

The Temples of Egypt

When you think of Egypt, you think of Pyramids; however, the most striking ancient structures in Egypt are the temples. Our two-week tour of Egypt took us as far south […]

What I Took to Egypt

And What I Actually Used… Packing clothes for a lengthy trip is one thing. I’ve already covered that in one of my posts, but packing the odds and ends isn’t […]

Egypt: Day Two

January 26, Lake Nasser, Egypt  Today was wonderful. I woke up just before 7.00am and laid in bed reading until breakfast. I’m re-reading the Hunger Games for the fifth time. […]

Egypt: Day 1

Hey guys!!  When I got to Egypt I ran into a problem: a serious lack of internet. Because of that, I was unable to post live while I was there, and […]

Starting to Plan for Egypt

In seven short weeks, I will board a plane to Egypt. I cannot fully express you all of you just how happy I am!! Egypt. That’s one of those places […]

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