The Temples of Egypt

When you think of Egypt, you think of Pyramids; however, the most striking ancient structures in Egypt are the temples. Our two-week tour of Egypt took us as far south […]

From the Diary: Scotland

June 20, 2012     5:00 pm     Stirling, Scotland I think everyone in my flat has gone to sleep. It’s rather comical that we all were able to […]

Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon

Everyone knows of the giant hole in the middle of north Arizona: the Grand Canyon. Few people know of the Little Grand Canyon located in Georgia! Last month, Boy Friend […]

What I Took to Egypt

And What I Actually Used… Packing clothes for a lengthy trip is one thing. I’ve already covered that in one of my posts, but packing the odds and ends isn’t […]

Getting Sick in Prague

No one wants to be sick away from the safety of our own bed. I’ve been sick SO many times out on the road. It’s comical at this point that almost […]

From the Diary: West Coast Road Trip

Summer 2013, my family took a four day road trip from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California. It was a group of 10 of us: me, mom, dad, sister, aunt, […]

Nightmare Situation: Bed Bugs

No one likes to stay in a place that doesn’t feel like home. Add bed bugs to that and the situation goes from unlikable to nightmarish. Last Saturday night, my […]

Civil War Re-Enactments

In the South we have this wonderful tendency to reproduce battles from the Civil War. We always show them as the event actually took place, but we strive to beat […]

From the Diary: Scotland

I’ve recently gone through my diary (the written, gut wrenching, shaming diary) that I’ve kept over the last five years. I take it on pretty much every big trip I […]

Egypt: Day Two

January 26, Lake Nasser, Egypt  Today was wonderful. I woke up just before 7.00am and laid in bed reading until breakfast. I’m re-reading the Hunger Games for the fifth time. […]

Egypt: Day 1

Hey guys!!  When I got to Egypt I ran into a problem: a serious lack of internet. Because of that, I was unable to post live while I was there, and […]

8 Essentials for a Better Flight

Whenever I travel via airplane, I always pack a few handy items with me. These items can make or break a flight. So I am here to share with you […]