Professional Profile

I am a trained historian and an avid traveller.

I have a wide range of historical experience. I hold a Master’s in Public History, but my field specializations are in Early American and Early Modern European Histories. During graduate school, I also spent a lot of time studying Heritage Tourism and how history and culture interact and collide with the tourist’s experience while traveling. Lastly, since 2015, I have worked as the Director of Education and Programs at an Ancient World museum. I’m kind of a hodgepodge in the history world.

I have travelled to over half of the American States and over twenty countries on four continents. I studied abroad in Stirling, Scotland and lived in Dublin, Ireland on a Working Holiday Visa for one year. I get around.

Over the years, people have asked me, “What is your dream job?” Each time, I answered, “I have two loves in life: history and travel. If I could find some way to combine the two, then I think I would have that job.”

Being a Tour Director is that dream job.