The Five Year Plan: An Update

I was reading through my blog, which is something that I do when I’m feeling nostalgic and in need of inspiration when I came across my post on my Five Year Plan from 2014. Well, it only fits that it’s 2019, and I need to update that Five Year Plan! 

Back in May 2014, I said,

In the next five years I want to expect the unexpected, live for today, plan for tomorrow, and love until I cannot love anymore.

I think I did ok reaching that goal! I was apparently feeling very poetic and vague and angsty, but I do think I achieved my goal.

Expect the Unexpected: Things have certainly been unexpected in the last five years. 

  1.  I tried to move abroad twice, only to be thwarted both times by jobs in the States. First, I was offered a full-time job at a doctor’s office in my home town, and then I was offered to return to my old job at the museum. At the time, I was both confused and excited by these opportunities. Now, I wonder where I would be or even who I would be had I continued to Asia as I intended. 
  2.  I got my Master’s Degree in History, which I swore that I would never do. I remember ardently stating that I would never return to school, well an unexpected trip to Egypt changed that! I realized that I missed learning, and six months later, I enrolled in the grad program. 
  3.  I applied and was accepted into a Ph.D. program in Northern Ireland, but did not go. My Master’s thesis paper and project examined the public memory of the Troubles in Belfast through the lens of cab drivers on black cab tours. It was a wonderful experience of research and writing, and I had the support of a professor in Belfast to continue the project at the doctoral level. Unfortunately, none of my funding opportunities worked. I was so close to just taking out the massive bank loan and praying on finding a way to pay it back, but over $100k in student loans on a history Ph.D. is rather daunting. So, here I am, still in the States when I should be finishing my first term in Ireland. 

Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow: I think I did an alright job of trying to keep perspective and enjoy life as it came every day. Everything I tried to “plan” went out the window, but that’s ok. 

Love Until I Cannot Love Anymore: I do believe that I’ve loved until I could not anymore. Whether family, friends, or boyfriend, I have given my all to these people. Things have been trying for everyone, including me. My family has seen some scary moments; we’ve watched my grands’ health deteriorate, and lost a close uncle. My friends have gotten married, had children, and lost loved ones. Boyfriend and I have had natural ups and downs in the relationship. Through it all, I have just loved them. That’s all I could do. 

In all, I would say that I was somewhat on point for the last five years. 

So to the next five years, I go! For those, I would like to be more specific on my goals achievements. 

  1. Become a Tour Director. More on this in the coming weeks, but this is my number one. It’s a career-oriented goal.
  2. Get married? Boyfriend and I are talking about it, so we’ll see what comes of it. 
  3. Travel to South America. I want to get to Peru or Argentina. 
  4. Open my own Tour Company. Again, more to come on this.
  5. Become more healthy. The last three-ish years have been rather unhealthy. Between the various stressors in my life – grad school, job, family, and friend woes – I’ve turned into a chunk. I want to be more healthy. Not necessarily “skinny,” but I would like to be able to jog a couple of miles without dying. I want to be able to pick up heavy boxes without breaking my back — stuff like that. 

Here’s to the next five years! Check-in is due in 2024! 

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