Maine road trips

New England Road Trip: Day 1

We arrived in Boston late last Thursday night.  We were all beat from long days of work or school, so we got our rental car and headed straight to our Air BnB in Roxbury.

The next morning we were on the road bright and early headed to Maine. Kimberly had researched different places for us to visit, so we set our sites for Cape Elizabeth. It was beautiful!

We wandered around looking at the lighthouse and water commenting on how the water was much bluer than we anticipated.

When it came time for lunch the only, and best, option was lobster. Everyone talks about eating lobstah and how good it is. Well, it was pretty good.



I got my lobster “Connecticut Style” meaning it was lobster roll with melted butter and lemon. It was FANTASTIC! I don’t know what I expected, but it was good!

After Cape Elizabeth, we drove to Kennebunkport.

It was a great small town with a lot of charm! We wandered through the shops and awed at the quaintness of the town.

After Kennebunkport, we drove down to Salem for a ghost tour.  The explanation of the tour online made it sound like it was going to be at least a little spooky, but it wasn’t at all.  It ended up being more of a comedy show and not a ghost tour.

We ended our day by heading back to the Air BnB and preparing for a long day 2.


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