For a week. But STILL! I’m going back to Ireland!

One month from now, I will be jet setting to the Emerald Isle to get my fix on Bulmers cider and Cadbury caramels.  I plan to see all of my friends and wander by my old apartment.  I. Cannot. Wait.

My week over there will be jam-packed.  I will be in 4 countries in 5 days.  Here’s what my schedule looks like.

Saturday 11.18

Travel: Overnight flight from Atlanta to Boston to Dublin.

Sunday 11.19

Dublin, Ireland: I’ll spend all Sunday in Dublin visiting friends, drinking pints on pints, and eating more food than I can stomach.  My feet will hurt from walking so much and my belly will be bulging over my pants.  #NoShame

Monday 11.20

Edinburgh, Scotland: I have a 6.00am (omg) flight to Edinburgh to visit Aoibhin! She’s over there getting her Master’s in some kind of outdoor shindig. I haven’t been to Scotland since studying abroad there in 2012. It’s been high on my list to get back to, so I’m pumped about that!

Tuesday 11.21

Belfast, Northern Ireland: I’ll take the 8.00am bus to Belfast to work on school stuff. So my Master’s paper/project is on the contestation of space in Belfast since the ending of the Troubles in 1998. On that Tuesday, I will be going on a test-run of field research before the official research process takes places next summer. So yes, I will be in Belfast for two weeks next June! I’ll be meeting with a history professor at Queen’s who will work with me on the project and I hope to meet with Visit Belfast as well about possible partnering with me too.

Wednesday 11.22

Dublin and Travel: The first half of the day will be spent wandering more of Dublin hitting all of the spots I wasn’t able to on Sunday.  That evening (around 4.00pm I think), I have a flight to Copenhagen. I’m going to see Matilda!! I haven’t been to Sweden since 2014 went I went home with her and went to that party where I wore the red dress…. But yeah! Her mom has already said she would make me Flying Jacob. Here’s to hoping that happens! I’ll stay the night with Matilda in Malmö with her.

Thursday 11.23

Copenhagen, Denmark: I am so happy to spend Thanksgiving day with my soul sister and bestest pal, Matilda.  I honestly couldn’t have planned this better.  When I went home with Matilda back in 2014, we were only in Copenhagen for the flights to and from Dublin.  We spent the trip in Sweden.  This time, she’s agreed to take me over to Copenhagen and show me around. I honestly have no idea what to expect.  My sister really liked Copenhagen. Hopefully I will too!

Friday 11.24

Travel: Flight home from Dublin to Boston to Atlanta.

It’s going to be a whirlwind of a trip, but I’m so ready. I haven’t been to Ireland since I begrudgingly came home in 2014. Three years ago. That’s so hard to believe.

One month and I’ll be back in Ireland.

5 thoughts on “I’M GOING BACK TO IRELAND!!!

  1. Thanks for following Indifferent Ignorance, I appreciate it. 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to go to Ireland for ages (and I’m in the UK, so there’s less excuse for me!). Enjoy your trip!

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 I’m super pumped and can’t wait to get back! You should pop over to Ireland soon!

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