From the Diary: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Back to typing up old diary entries from previous travels! Current 2017 thoughts on my super sassy, over exaggerated self from 2012 will be in bold and purple.

July 3, 2012

I have gotten into a bad habit of getting distracted and leaving my journals unfinished.  Also, I have finally gotten tape to put everything in here, so it’s about to get really crowded, as I try to tape down stuff and update everything.

So I left off last time just before talking about the Isle of Skye trip. I had an absolute blast and met some pretty cool people.  We were picked up Friday morning by a man in a kilt. That is always interesting.  Our tour guide’s name was Danny, and he was really funny.  The trip was much better than I ever could have hoped for.  I was expecting a solid bus trip to the island.  Instead though, we got off the bus every 30 minutes or so to do stuff, which made it much more enjoyable.

We stopped at castles, villages, rivers and many other places. We stayed at a hostel that was 20 minutes from the Isle of Skye.  We had spaghetti for dinner. That was easily one of my favorite meals we had all trip.


Ok, there’s something I’ve gotta add here that I did not write about. We were in a wreck on the way north. I have no idea where we were nor for how long we had been on the road. But here’s what happened. I was sitting on the right window of the van, so I had a clear view of the vehicles passing us.  A series of motorbikes passed us.  The last biker went just off the road and onto the shoulder.  His front tire got thrown off course due to dirt and loose rock.  Next thing I knew, the bike flipped.  The biker was tossed into the air.  Dirt, rock and rubble blew down the side of our van shattering the windows.  I saw the whole thing in slow motion, but there was nothing I could do.  We pulled off on the side of the road, and after Danny confirmed that we were all ok, he ran to help the biker.  Unfortunately I don’t know what happened to the guy.  His biker friends came back.  The ambulance was called. And we waited to find out what was to be done about our van.  Couldn’t really go on a weekend long trip in a van with shattered windows could we?



Saturday we woke up early to go on some boat tour. I say it like that because I didn’t fully understand what we were doing until I got onto the boat.  We were going to fish for scallops! When the net was pulled up from the bottom, all kinds of critters were there.  I held a sea urchin, several starfish, and a very angry little crab.  There was one starfish that was bigger than my entire head! It was orange and had a weird texture.


I tried a raw scallop.  The first one I tried had what he called a “row” in it.  That is all the baby scallops.  the row made the scallop very bitter.  I had to spit it out.  The second one I tried was much better because he gave it to me without the row.  After that, he pulled up some giant crabs he had caught and let us check them out too.  I can honestly say that playing with all of the animals was a favorite part of the trip.

After lunch, we actually got to go to the Isle of Skye.  It was SO pretty! The mountains were some of the prettiest I have ever seen.  There was one point when we were all standing on a giant cliff-face. I was freaking out, but it was still fun!


Ok, I need to stop for a while. I have a 1,000 word paper due tomorrow and I only have 80 words written. Typical. 


July 6, 2012

Well, of course I got too distracted to come back and finish the Isle of Skye.  So I’ll do what I can now.  I am waiting on then boy friend to call me, so I can’t promise I will pay too much attention here.

The rest of the Isle of Skye trip was pretty uneventful.  We did normal tourist stuff.  I got to see Loch Ness.  That would have been cooler if it hadn’t been raining so bad.

The last stop before coming home was at a really pretty waterfall.  My friend, Larissa, and I went on an “adventure” and actually ended up really close to the falls! The trip as a whole was fantastic and I got to meet some really cool people.

So the rest of the July 6 entry actually talks about our visit to Belfast, so I am going to stop that entry here.  I will, I promise, pick up the story there later. 🙂

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