Going to New England!

So, my friends and I are going to New England!

We are most excited about the trip. True, we will miss the peak of the leaves changing, but that’s not a big deal. It also gives us an excuse to go back again someday. 🙂

So what are we going to do? Below you’ll find our GoogleMap that has each of the days by color. The map contains a very rough outline of the towns and significant spots we want to hit, but it is by no means set in stone. That’s the joy of being on a road trip – you can drive where ever and see whatever.

The only two things that are set in stone are these:

  1. Ghosts and Legends Trolley Tour in Salem, MA. We’ll be in Salem the weekend of Halloween. We’d be CRAZY to not do something ghostly related. I, as the history nerd of the group, made only one request: that we stop in Salem. Thankfully my friends know me well enough to let me have this one. 🙂 Thanks guys!!
  2. A guided tour on the Freedom Trail in Boston. It’s un-American almost to go to Boston and not do America stuff.  We’ll learn about the American Revolution and see some historic landmarks. It’ll be a good time.

Secretly, I am beyond pumped about this trip.  As a historian, I study the Atlantic World, and arguably no other region in the North American Colonies contributed more to the British Empire and Atlantic World than New England. And I’m also taking a class this semester on the history of American architecture.  New England architecture greatly influenced American architectural trends.  It’ll be cool to see some of the structures we’ve talked about. Again, #historynerd.

Do you know of any places we should see or foods we should eat? Please tell me in the comments at the bottom of the page!!

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