It Wouldn’t be a Cantrell Trip without Drama

Last weekend, I spent a little under 48 hours in Ohio with my sister, Payton.  She had been at Oberlin College all summer working as an intern, and since she was so kind to visit me while I was in Ireland, I visited her in Ohio!  I arrived around 12.30am in the wee hours of Sunday morning and easily hailed a cab from the airport to Oberlin.  The cab ride cost a steep $58, but it was worth it.  When she and I connected, we talked for a few minutes and then passed out in bed. IMG_1917

Sunday was our main day of exploration.  Brunch was at The Ferve, which Payton said is the place for Sunday brunch.  And I must admit, the French Toast was to die for.  She and I decided to rent a car from Enterprise but needed a lift to the Enterprise shop in Amherst.  I googled “taxi services” in Oberlin, and AtoZ Car Services came up.  The listing said nothing about them NOT being a taxi service, so when we called to request a taxi, the man on the other end of the line got all kinds of huffy.  My bad Mr. Man.  We didn’t know.  Nonetheless, the driver, Ron, was super nice and carted us to Amherst.

Teeny Tiny Rental Car!! 🙂 Thank you kind woman from Amherst, Ohio!

The Enterprise guy broke the worst news that the only car they had on the lot was a Dodge Ram.  A freaking monster truck.  I flipped out.  I could drive a small truck, but not a monster truck.  Luckily, just as Payton and I almost gave up home, a woman returned her rental car early.  She heard our story and promptly offered the Mitsubishi tiny car to us.  While we were waiting for the car to be cleaned, Payton looked over at me shrugging and said, “It wouldn’t be a Cantrell trip if there wasn’t some kind of drama.” Lord knows that’s the truth.  When the car was spiffy clean, we hopped in the teeny car and sped off into Cleveland.

So, our family has a tradition of going to baseball games when we visit new towns.  I don’t know why we specifically chose baseball.  I mean, we like baseball. Go Braves!! But MLB isn’t all that super a thing in our ordinary life.  Payton and I decided to watch the Indians play, and luckily, they were at home playing the Toronto Bluejays.  Due to the car diabolical, we showed up to the game super late, but it was still a blast!

The IcePops that she and I got were literally the longest pops I’ve ever seen!

After the game, we just headed back to Oberlin for a nice relaxing evening.  We had pizza and I introduced Payton to Game of Thrones.

She had to be at work by 2.00pm on Monday, so we took the morning to be relaxed and not over pushed for time.  We drove to Lake Erie so that I could put my feet in another body of water.  I expected the water to be a bit colder than it was, so I was surprised to find it rather warm.  Payton also said that was the choppiest she had seen the water all summer.

In the end, I was very happy to visit Payton in Ohio!  I added a new state to my map and a new ballpark.  She flew home today from Oberlin.  She said that she was a little sad to leave but was thankful for all the memories and relationships she made.  I’m sure we all will be back up there again sometime soon!

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