Back on the Move

Well, it’s been a super long time since I’ve published anything on here. Amazingly, a few people still click over to my blog. I don’t know why. Maybe there’s a few residual posts out there still circulating. That’s cool I guess.

It’s really difficult to run a travel blog when you’re not, you know, traveling. I settled into the doom and gloom routine that is life. My job has kept me increasingly busy, and I returned to school last August to work on a Master’s in History. Between those two life sucks, I haven’t traveled. Like, at all. I have no been on a plane flight since February 2016. I visited Disney World over New Year’s when Matilda and her boyfriend Adam were here from Sweden. But a visit to Disney World does not count. That’s not really traveling.

Thankfully, my lack of travel is about to change.

At the end of the month, I will fly (finally) to Cleveland, Ohio to visit my sister who’s been doing an internship at Oberlin. We’re going to watch the Indians lose and stick our feet in Lake Erie.

At the end of October, some girl friends and I are going on a road trip through New England. In four days we plan to hit Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The flights are booked, Air B&B reserved, and all that’s left is to get a rental car.

Thanksgiving week I will be in Ireland. You can’t see me doing this, but I am actually smiling BIG as I type that sentence. I’ve not been to Ireland since I came home in 2014. I land on a Sunday and fly home on a Thursday. So it’ll be a super speedy trip, but totally worth it.

The trip to Ireland will be jam-packed. The plan is to hop over to Scotland for a day to visit a friend working on her Master’s. I will be in Belfast for a day working on my Master’s, and I will eat myself silly. I am already envisioning the glorious flavors that is Boojum. I am slightly worried though that it won’t taste the same anymore, and I’ll be devastated.

Boyfriend and I have toyed with the idea of going on a cruise between Christmas and New Year’s, but we will not be able to make a final decision on that until we figure out some life stuff.

Then! Next summer I will be in Belfast, Northern Ireland for two weeks working on field research for my Master’s.

So it looks like I’ll be back on the move – at least for a little while.

Now, I’m not promising that I’ll go back to writing on this thing. I would love to say that I will! But I do have job job and grad-school. I am only one person. Hopefully though, I will take some time for myself and reconvene my love that is travel writing – even if just for myself and the few people who pop over here on occasion.

Until then.


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