Animals and Travel

One of the best parts of traveling is coming in contact with animals. We forget sometimes that our part of the world has totally different animals than another part! Traveling allows us to break that barrier.

If you’ve been following me for a couple of years, then you know that our family goes to the Zoo a lot. We like all Zoos. Big ones, small ones, up close ones, and boring ones. Our family especially loves the Zoos that allow us to interact with animals! You also probably know then that my family has a tendency to go to Zoos and do fun animal stuff without me! Either way, I’m slowly catching up.


My dad and I went to the Phoenix Zoo to kill some time in Arizona. He had already been to this zoo a few years earlier with my mom and sister. You’ll see some of those photos in just a minute. Well, I was hell bent on doing some sort of fun animal encounter, so he paid for me to feed the giraffes. I was so happy!

Camel Ride and Nubian Village Egypt - me

I rode a camel and help a crocodile in Egypt. The camel ride wasn’t just a pop up and down or a loop around a corral. No, this was a proper from point a to point b walk. It probably wasn’t anywhere near as long as I think it was, but I swear I was on that camel for two days. More like an hour ish. The difficult thing about riding a camel is the motion is not the same as riding a horse. It’s a side to side sway kind of thing, and I may or may not have almost fallen off.

Egypt - Me

Holding the crocodile was exactly how you’d think it’d be. It was high in tension and scaly. I know they had his mouth tied shut, but still! His underbelly was weirdly soft while his eye stared me down.

Florida - Sea World- USA - Me

My sister and I got to pet penguins in a behind the scenes tour in SeaWorld Orlando!! They have little feathers!


Most recently, I got to interact with lemurs at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This little guy hung out on my should and held my hand for a little while. I learned the hard way though that I am allergic to lemurs. By the time I came out of the enclosure, I had whelps all over my neck and shoulder where he and his friends had crawled all over me.

me - alabama - usa


The kangaroos were a lot fluffier than I expected them to be! Their fur is short, curly, and soft. These particular kangaroos were too big to fit into pouches anymore, so I couldn’t hold them. Payton still has that over me.

me - alabama - usa


The sloths just slept. I mean, they sleep like 14 hours a day or something, so I can’t blame them. But yeah, she just laid there while I petted her. Her fur was wiry but still soft. Oh, and I apologize for the gross sweat stains. Alabama in July is not a pleasant place to be.

My family has done some pretty awesome animals encounters too!

family - alabama - usa

This little guy wanted her glasses. Silly lemur.

alabama - family

Payton and my dad (you’ll see later) got to hold baby kangaroos in canvas bags in the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. arizona - family

Mama petted Nagini in the Arizona Safari.
alabama - family

Daddy and a baby kangaroo. alabama - family

Payton fed giraffes at the Birmingham Zoo.florida - family

Also got to pet the penguin in SeaWorld. Camel - Alabama - Animal Encounter - Birmingham Zoo - Sister - Animals

AND got to ride a camel at the Birmingham Zoo.

As you can see, my family has a thing for zoos and animals. These are only the pictures Payton had on her phone to email me to me. What animals will we encounter next?


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