From the Diary: Scotland

June 20, 2012     5:00 pm     Stirling, Scotland

I think everyone in my flat has gone to sleep. It’s rather comical that we all were able to go about three days without completely passing out. I slept from about 1:30 pm – 4. Great nap. 

The past three days have actually been really nice weather. Temperatures were in the low 60s and the sun was out pretty much the whole time. I just hope the weather holds for this weekend. 

It’s actually really funny to read that comment on the weather here in 2016. The thing is that the weather in fact did NOT hold. The rest of my entire time in Scotland was nothing but cold and rain. Two months of rain. I began to refer to the summer in Scotland as the Summer in the Rain.

I want to get up and do something but I also don’t really feel like exerting too much energy. Maybe I will just stay in for the night. order some Chinese and call it a day… yep. It’s decided. 



June 25, 2012    6:21 pm    Stirling, Scotland

My weekend was awesome! But before that, I really need to talk about St. Andrews. We went there on Thursday. The town was really pretty; it definitely had an old feel to it. The weather was awful though. It rained ALL DAY and was COLD! I mean, i still got some really good pictures but it could have been better without the rain. I’ll be going back in July, so hopefully it will be better then. Next time, we are going to do more of the gold related stuff and take all the pictures we missed this time. All in all though, it was still a great day. 

I’m going to add some 2016 thoughts on this little entry about my visit to St. Andrews. Yes, it was a good day spent with pals running from shop cover to shop cover dodging the rain. A couple other girls and I spent about two hours chilling in a Subway in attempt to get out of the rain. They would kill me if I posted all of the pictures on here, but we played with the shutter speed on my camera and just made silly faces. I’m pretty sure we looked like lunatics, but who cares? We had a good time just hanging out in Subway watching the rain pour.

The initial walking tour of St. Andrews blew me away. The architecture of the university, the castle and cathedral ruins, and golf course blew me away. St. Andrews became one of my favorite places in all of Scotland. I visited it three times that summer and hope to see it again one day.

Also, I CANNOT believe that was FOUR YEARS AGO!!! Where in the world has the time gone? Why does adulthood keep going and my memories keep slipping further and further away…. In reference to what I am about to start talking about, my diary is littered with ticket stubs, movie tickets, plane tickets, photos, lyrics, business cards, etc. All of these things help me remember different parts of my adventures all around the world.

I have a bunch of stuff that I need to get taped in here, but I keep forgetting to ask Nicole for her tape. Maybe I will do it when they all get back. Currently, everyone has gone on a hike up the mountain/hill called Dumyat that is right behind our dorms. Me being a total scaredy cat of heights decided to sit this one out and have a quiet night to myself. 


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  1. I LOVED St. Andrews! It’s such a neat little town. The day we were set to do a walking tour of the Old Course, it was cold, rainy, foggy, and windy. Talk about miserable, but we still had such a good time!

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