Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon

Everyone knows of the giant hole in the middle of north Arizona: the Grand Canyon. Few people know of the Little Grand Canyon located in Georgia!

Last month, Boy Friend and I took a drive south of Columbus to Providence Canyon and explored for the day. Providence Canyon was created due to poor agricultural practices Georgia. Over time, the earth sank and the canyon grew! Today, the Little Grand Canyon is a Georgia State Park that boasts nine canyons and over five miles worth of hiking.

Boy friend and I set off into the canyon with a map, water bottles, bug spray, and protein bars. It was a hot Sunday in May and at the bottom of the canyon, the humidity was almost unbearable. We walked through one to two inch deep creeks as the water table was visible through the red dirt. Horseflies stung us and buzzed by our ears.

As horrible as I am making this sound, it was actually a lot of fun! He and I are more than used to Georgia heat and giant bugs is what we do. Adding in nine canyons and some red dirt made the experience even better!

All we paid was $5 for parking, and it was totally worth it. The view points at the top of the canyon have grown up and need some tending to, but we simply climbed over the fences to get a better view. (Um… what? No we didn’t.)

If you find yourself in Georgia and are looking for some great family fun, check out Providence Canyon! You may know it better though as the Little Grand Canyon of Georgia.

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