What I Took to Egypt

And What I Actually Used…

Packing clothes for a lengthy trip is one thing. I’ve already covered that in one of my posts, but packing the odds and ends isn’t a piece of cake either. There’s a lot of decision making when it comes to packing the stuff you take on a trip. You have to pick the various forms of technology to use, what buts of makeup are more travelable than others, which purse will keep the pickpockets at bay. In my case, I had a difficult time choosing what forms of technology to take, but these are the items I decided took to Egypt and the review of those that I actually used.

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The Kindle is my favorite form of distraction on the plane. I’m an avid reader, and my Kindle becomes my best friend when traveling. The Kindle is great because I can store books, TV shows, and movies on it. Wifi capabilities allow me to surf the net, and it doesn’t take up much space.

Usage: A lot!
Rating: 9/10

iPhone 6

Travel would not be possible (in my world) without my iPhone. I use it for internet, maps, camera, video, entertainment, etc. It’s a multi-purpose travel companion. Of course, on the middle of Lake Nasser cell reception was zero to none, but that’s to be expected in the middle of a giant lake in the African desert.

Usage: The most!!
Rating: 10/10


Most of the pictures I took in Egypt were taken on my simple Nikon1. It has a removable a near and far lens, manual zoom, digital focus, and pretty nice imagery. The pictures off of it won’t win me any awards, but it does it’s job by allowing me to capture precious moments while traveling. The worst part was having to fiddle with switching the lens or wishing I had my distance lens when I left it on the boat. Switching between video and camera worked well, but the switches sometimes turned themselves.

Usage: A lot
Rating: 7/10


Probably the saddest thing in my bag was my Go Pro. I didn’t use it once… I had full intention of filming my time in Egypt with this great camera capturing priceless laughs, memories, and smiles. Did I? Nope. I used the camera on my iPhone and Nikon rather than the Go Pro. Why? Because it was simpler to just use the others. The Go Pro has so many gadgets that come with it and take this much time to put together and that amount of charging. I chose not to use it when I got there.

Usage: None.
Rating: 1/10

MacBook Pro

The heaviest piece of technology in my bag was the laptop. My Macbook has been everywhere with me – from the Arctic Circle to Egypt to California. It seems though that every time I pack the laptop, I curse myself to days of back pain, stress, the struggle of lugging it around without breaking it. However, the times I traveled without my laptop, I wanted nothing more than to have it. On this particular trip, I used the Macbook a lot to store/edit photos live on the trip. That of course saved time upon my return to the States. But, it’s heavy as hell. Did I need it on this trip? No, not really, but I’m also glad I had it.

Usage: Fair amount.
Rating: 6/10


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