Civil War Re-Enactments

In the South we have this wonderful tendency to reproduce battles from the Civil War. We always show them as the event actually took place, but we strive to beat those Yankees each time. Last month, my sister and I ventured into the Old South. She and I traveled to Clinton, GA to explore life in the 1860s and watch the Confederate Army battle it out with the Yanks.

Georgia - USA - family
Cheering on the Johnny Rebs!

It was fun to poke around camp, listen to lectures, and see how the armies lived. The ladies and gentlemen who re-enact these events actually camp in the lean-tos! Where do I sign up?

The best part of the day was of course the re-enactment. I may or may not have Snapchatted the entire thing. If you follow me on there, you saw cannons, gun smoke, and men faking their deaths.

Payton and I plopped ourselves down right on the side of the road. Our view was right in the middle of the action – Yanks to our right and Rebels to our left. We could hear the shouts, feel the cannon boom, and smell the gun smoke. It was loud. Three, four, or five cannons would sound at the same time or one after another. Just when you think you’re used to the noise, another three would blast. The ground shook with each boom.

Y’all, what we saw wasn’t even a comparison to what the real battle sounded/felt like. I can’t imagine what it was really like.

It was just a quick little pop down to Clinton, GA that left my sister and I speechless. We were in awe of the re-enactment, thinking about what each of those men gave up to fight. Payton and I agreed that another re-enactment should be added to our list.

If you’re ever in the South, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, anywhere, check to see if a re-enactment is nearby. These things take place all year all around the South.

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