Egypt: Day 1

Hey guys!! 

When I got to Egypt I ran into a problem: a serious lack of internet. Because of that, I was unable to post live while I was there, and I’m sure some of you have noticed that I’ve been home for the last two weeks…. Well, the deal is that as soon as I got home, I was bombarded with work stuff that hasn’t allowed me to have the time to write. My bad… 

So here I am now, a whole month after my trip to Egypt, finally sitting down to write about it. The way I’m going to do this is by help of my photos, texts, and long Facebook Messages that I sent home during my time abroad. Hopefully with all of that, I will be able to recreate the adventure that was Egypt. 

To begin, let’s start with the first full day in Egypt. 


January 25, Aswan, Egypt

Last night I ate beef stew in the hotel. We’ve been instructed to eat neither any food that was not fully cooked nor any fruit or veggies that were not pealed by me. Basically, I’m on a hot-plate-only diet. I wouldn’t be complaining, but all morning I did nothing but burp up beef stew that had a twinge of curry. Gross. I never got sick but felt pretty queezy.

The 5.30am flight from Cairo to Aswan didn’t help. We woke up at 2.45am to get ready, have breakfast, go through security, and fly to Aswan. The flight wasn’t bad but certainly was not what my body needed. What I needed was a good nap.

I didn’t get my nap until about 10.30am. Our group visited the dam that created Lake Nasser. It was a beautiful reservoir. In the distance, a silhouette of mountains and rocky terrain rose into view. The deep blue water contrasted against the red and tan soil. As pretty as Lake Nasser was is how ugly the dammed river bed was. Oh it was unfortunate. Looking back towards the city of Aswan was difficult. Trash littered the streets. The soil turned a brown. The greenery wasn’t trimmed and well kept. Rocks and broken buildings loomed as if an apocalypse happened. I can honestly say that was not what I expected to see.

After visiting the dam, we headed to our boat. We will be on this small ship/big boat for he next four days sailing through Lake Nasser. Our room is bigger then the cubby holes I’ve heard cruise ships have. The TV is rumored to have a total of four channels, but I have yet to turn it on. The heating system doesn’t work, but I have plenty of blankets. And lastly, the restroom appears to be a corner porter-john added into the room fifty years after the boat was built. It’s doable. I have a bed with pillows and a shower. I really can’t complain.

As of yet, the food on the boat has been great! For dinner, I ate two plates of spaghetti. I think I should be ashamed of the amount of carbs I’m consuming, but remember, I’m on a hot-plate-only diet. All of the deserts are covered in fruit. Little pastries and cakes have strawberries and tangerines on top. However, because the fruit is not cooked but washed in the unhealthy Egyptian water, I cannot eat it. Let’s take a pole to see how much weight I lose on this trip because I cannot eat the cake. Please know I’m scowling as I write that.

Tomorrow we visit a ruin in the morning and then leave port for the rest of Lake Nasser. During that time, I will not have cell service to contact home. I’ll continue to write down my experience and gather stories.

As you can see, the first full day in Egypt was an eye opener. Many of the thing I mentioned in this Facebook Message home will be repeated throughout the venture of my retelling of stories. The trash, early flights, food, temple ruins, etc. All of these things and more came together to shape what ended up being one of the best trips of my life. 

Last night my boy friend and I were watching the Prince of Egypt. Poor guy ended up flat pausing the movie because I wouldn’t stop talking about this or that or pulling up pictures to show him the real thing. He’s had a lot of experience with me doing that. It’s best to just pause the movie and let me finish. 

Here are some pictures from the dam as well as images of our boat. Hope you enjoy! And I’ll get more writing done so you all can hear about my trip to Egypt. 

🙂 <3


These are the first two shots I took of Lake Nasser from the dam. 



Here’s our cruise boat! The wonderful, Prince Abbas! 








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