8 Essentials for a Better Flight

Whenever I travel via airplane, I always pack a few handy items with me. These items can make or break a flight. So I am here to share with you the tricks of the trade that I have learned to always pack in my carry-on. I call them, my flight essentials.

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I ALWAYS pack earplugs. Whether I am staying in a hostel, riding a bus, traveling with family, or on a plane flight, I always have earplugs. I swear by them. Most recently, my Aunt Joan and I flew to Denver, Colorado. As we settled into our seats, I stuffed the earplugs into my ears. Joan looked at me and asked what I was doing. I explained that there were small children on the flight and I was not taking any chances.

A Blanket

Airplanes are cold. There’s no arguing there. But I don’t just take a blanket for warmth. It doubles as a pillow and eye cover. When I flew to Scotland in 2012, I managed to wrap my blanket around my head perfectly blocking out the light but allowing me to breath with a soft place to rest my head. I haven’t been able to recreate that perfection since.


What did people do before cellphones and iPad’s?! Lords knows I don’t know. I was born in 1991 and grew up in a world of technology. On my iPhone are games and music. The Kindle has books and movies. Both of those technologies serve as a wonderful distraction to long-haul flights. Aside from my iPhone and Kindle, I do take other forms of distraction. I love to play cards and have mastered Solitaire on the seat-back table. If I have any form of studying to do, I’ll do it on the plane.

Sleeping Pills

The Good Lord knows that I cannot go on a long-haul flight without sleeping pills. I remember my first flight to Europe, when I was thirteen years old. I think that night I got a grand total of maybe two hours of sleep. It didn’t matter what position I twisted my body into, I couldn’t sleep. It didn’t help that the other passengers were loud and very unconcerned with my inability to snooze. Since then, I’ve been a fan of pill popping on the long flights.


Long-haul flights are the worst. You’re sitting there bored out of your mind for hours. Of course you’re going to mindlessly eat! I pack Pringle’s because the round tube is easy to store. I usually have some kind of chocolate candy as well like M&Ms or Reese’s. On my last flight (coming home from Colorado), I may or may not have finagled the stewardess into giving me multiple packs of trail-mix. It was a perfect two hours!


I’ve been on flights where the attendants are nice and accommodating. I’ve also been on flights where they hang out in the back and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk some more. They only came around once or twice to check the cabin. Luckily, I always have a full bottle of water on me, so I’m never went thirsty. But still!

Extra Clothing

Ever arrived at a place but your luggage didn’t? I have! Luckily, I lived in Dublin at the time and had ample access to the clothes in my closet, but my checked luggage was days behind. Could you imagine how horrible it would be to arrive in a foreign country with no clothes?! Horror stories circle the travel community of these things happening to others. Because of that, I ALWAYS have at least two days worth of clothes in my carry-on. You just never know.

A Good Attitude

You won’t get very far without this! Sometimes traveling on a plane is terrible. Other passengers are coughing or sneezing or are in your personal space. But if you go into the flight with a good attitude, it will turn out much better. The flight will be over soon!

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