Starting 2016 with a Bang

Below is a column I wrote for the Times-Georgian. Hope you enjoy!

Looking back on 2015 is fun. I had a wonderful time adventuring around the USA. I saw the Grand Canyon, Cherry Blossom Festival, the Rocky Mountains, and swam in the ocean. It’s hard to believe I was able to accomplish so much!

But if 2015 was the year of domestic travel, 2016 will be the year of international travel!

I’m starting the year off with a bang. January 23rd will be the day I fly to Egypt! Now that I am working at the Biblical History Center in LaGrange again, I get to travel with my job. My boss, Derrick, who is one of the coolest guys out there, knows how important travel is to me. When the museum’s CEO, Dr. James Fleming, decided to celebrate ten years of Biblical History Center in Egypt, Derrick said I could go! I’ve only been that happy a few times before.
The world's mostbike-friendly cities - pinterest About forty of us will be going on a guided tour through Egypt. We will hike mountains and cruise the River Nile. We’ll explore ancient ruins and temples. I am so excited! Egypt is one of those places children dreams of visiting. It’s wondrous. Children are taught about the Pharaohs and Egyptian gods and goddesses. They recognize hieroglyphics and scarab beetles.

Oh I feel like I’m in the 5th grade again!

Our tour of Egypt will last two weeks. On my return home, because I will be so close, I will spend a few days in Europe.

I walked into Derrick’s office a couple of months ago and pulled out the puppy eyes and my strongest argumentative self. With these two combinations, he couldn’t say no. I pitched to him that we will fly back on a Friday with a layover in Paris. If I could just take two more days off work, I could visit friends in Europe.  I turned on the puppy eyes, and he caved. Again, Derrick is the world’s greatest boss! He told me, “You have to come back, Morgan. We need you too much here. Don’t go back to Ireland. I know you’ll never leave.” I laughed and promised to return.

After our layover in Paris, I will fly to London while the rest of the group heads to Atlanta. My plans are to meet up with Aoibhin and Matilda in London to see some of southern England. Stonehenge here we come!

Early Sunday morning, I will fly to Vienna, Austria to meet up with a girl named Katie. Now, I’ve never actually met Katie. She found my blog and began emailing me asking questions about Ireland. After a while, we added each other on Facebook and continued to get to know one another. Katie ended up not moving to Ireland. Instead, she moved to Vienna to teach in an English school! I am headed to Austria 1) to officially meet her and 2) to visit Schönbrunn Palace. That is the palace the Hapsburg family lived in!

Sunday evening, I will take a four-hour bus ride to Prague, Czech Republic to meet up with yet another friend. Alex is a fellow travel blogger from Washington DC. I met him last March when we went to a travel expo in DC. Alex will be studying abroad for the semester in Prague; so again, I thought why not visit? I’ll arrive late Sunday night and will fly back to Atlanta early Tuesday morning. In all, I’ll have a grand total of one whole day in Prague!

As you read this, you probably think I’m a little crazy for packing in so much at the end of my already two-week-long trip. Maybe I am? So what? I love to travel!

Here’s to looking forward to another year of amazing adventures and life long memories.

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  1. You are planning a lot of trips and new adventures! This a a great way to start the year! I am also planning a very busy year and I will start with moving to Thailand for 4 months. Then I’ll move to New Zealand for another 4 months. I am very happy because my job gives me the opportunity to go to explore interesting places abroad! Thanks for sharing! Have great travels!

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