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Believe it or not, the top post of 2015 is The Time I Went to a Psychic. I literally laughed out loud when I saw that! That was such an arbitrary day when Payton and I decided to pop in to see Sylvia. Since she and I visited the psychic in March, I figured I should go through the post and give an update. I’ve taken the high points of the post and copied them here. I’ll address each one that deserves addressing. The new text will be in RED! 

The Time I Went to a Psychic
by me on March 31, 2015

Saturday, my sister, Payton, and I went to Savannah, GA to get out of the towns we lived in and explore for a bit. She and I had zero plans aside from wanting to do a ghost tour that night.

We wandered around Savannah listening to music, day drinking, talking to lads having bachelor parties, and going to a psychic.

Yes, you read that correctly.

A psychic. (I seriously cannot believe she and I did that. I have since been back to see Sylvia one other time. I went in August when Aoibhin was visiting. Nothing of importance happened that day. More of a rehash of the first visit.)

Payton and I were walking down River Street after lunch when we came upon a sign advertising for palm readings and tarot cards by Sylvia. Payt (I call her Payt) casually went, “I’ve always wanted to go to one of those things.” She was rather noncommittal with her statement. It was one of those passerby sentences that you say out loud but don’t really care if anyone is listening or not.

Well I was listening.

And I was interested.

I responded with, “Me too! Come on let’s do it!” I marched us up the most difficult set of stairs to Sylvia’s shop to have our palms read or what not.

Yall, I am from the Deep South. I grew up in a Baptist church, a dry house, and was convinced that those psychic people were just con artists who told you a bunch of hootenanny that’s vague enough to get you interested at unbelievably high prices. ($40 to be exact)

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t curious!

The Time I Went to a Psychic (1)I rang the doorbell and waited for Sylvia to make her appearance. In my mind, I pictured a woman with colorful clothing; her dark wavy hair pulled to one shoulder. I imagined her having piercings and an interesting accent from a far away land. I thought she would be different, something affected by an outside being or entity or ideology or practice that I didn’t understand.

Nope. She was plain Jane.

Sylvia wore a long denim skirt with a black top. She had an olive completion with kind eyes and dark hair tucked into a modest bun at the base of her head. Sylvia’s accent was a Yankee accent, although it had been slightly tamed after what I could tell was years in the south.

Sylvia was normal.

Behind Payt and I was another couple that had an appointment. She looked from us to them and back to us. She then asked the couple to reschedule as she wanted to see Payton and I. We didn’t argue with that!

Sylvia welcomed us into her shop. We each decided to only do the tarot card reading at Sylvia’s recommendation that it’s not best to mix tarot cards and a palm reading.

Payton went first.

She went into her small office reading area thing and sat at the table with Sylvia. The doors were closed and I was left to wonder was going on in there.

I could hear bits and peices of their conversation but I was more intrigued by what was going on in the waiting room.

The ceiling was covered by deep blue fabric with golden stars and moons. The table across from me had relics covering it. The relics weren’t representing one custom or belief more than the other. Large gem stones stood on the table as well as a giant gem stone chart on the wall. I couldn’t help but wonder what all of it meant.

Before I knew it, Payton was finished, and it was my turn.

I sheepishly but excitedly (if that’s possible) got up from the chair and went to the table.

Now, what I am about to tell you is more or less the conversation that Sylvia and I had. This is just as much for my memory of this event as well as for your entertainment in reading (if I haven’t lost your interest and all). So don’t judge me ok? Lol ok. (I’m laughing at myself as I re-read this! I’m such a drama queen. I’m so sorry.)

Sylvia had me shuffle the tarot cards. She said it didn’t matter how I shuffled them, so I just mixed them up in all different kinds of ways. And then for good measure, when I put them on the table, I sliced the deck.

She began to flip over the cards.

Immediately she said, “You have guardian angels in your life. One is a very prominent male. You have a deep connection with him. Any ideas who that might be?” I thought for a moment and remembered my great grand father, Pa. I don’t remember knowing Pa as I was only two when he passed away, but I have been told countless stories of him. I am named after one of his sons. My grand dad’s name is Morgan Cantrell. I am called Little Morgan in our family, and I’ve always said I wanted to name my oldest son, Major, after Pa.  Sylvia went on to describe my angel’s personality about how he was strong willed, fearless, and stubborn. She asked if I ever noticed an energy. When I asked her to define energy, she responded with, “An unexplained feeling.”  I told her that sometimes I feel fearless, like I could do anything I wanted. She said that was Pa protecting me and urging me to keep going. (I still really like this! I have no idea if Pa is looking after me or not, but it’s comforting to know that there’s someone on my side! Papa has recently told me that he wants to go on some of my adventures but that he has gotten “too old.” Mush, I say! Mush!” Cantrell men don’t get old! They simply grow less and less stubborn. Of sorts…)

Sylvia asked me about my projects in paperwork. I explained to her that I have a travel blog, a column in a newspaper, and that I’m also working on a history book. She smiled and said, “These projects are very important. They are what makes you happy. You will be successful and widely known within your field.” She then surprised me with, “But you haven’t given into these projects fully. What is holding you back?” (Holding back no more Sylvia!!)

That shocked me.

Something I have been saying over and over to my family and friends is that I felt like I needed to go full time in writing. (YES!) That I needed to focus on my blog. (YES!) That I needed to try to syndicate my column. (YES!!) But I hadn’t done any of these things. (nope…) I explained to Sylvia that I have bills to pay – student loans, a car payment, plane tickets, etc. I needed to keep my steady job. She understood that it was scary to take the leap into full time writing, but that if I did, everything would be ok. Sylvia reassured me that I would be taken care of and that I would be successful. She explained that everything was already in motion for me to be successful. I just needed to trust myself and my abilities. (SO!! I have since made the jump to a self-hosted website. The very one you are one actually! So thanks reader for clicking over! 😉 But really though, I’m going to take the next couple of years while I work a full-time job to get my blog(s) going. I am going to attempt to syndicate my column come the new year, AND I have a few ideas for a book or two or three. It’s all coming together, and hopefully in a few years time, I will be able to go full-time writing!! Yayy!!)

She then told me, “Do the thing you have planned for the end of the year.” Little did she know and little did ANYONE ELSE know, I had started to think about another working holiday.

On the way to Savannah that morning, I talked to Payton about how she would feel if I did another working holiday. She explained that she would be upset and would miss me, but she knew that traveling was what I wanted to do. Sylvia said, “People will be upset, but you won’t be hurting anyone. You are supposed to go and you have really already made the decision to go. Do it.” (Obviously I didn’t go to New Zealand. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to!! It’s ALWAYS an option. Well, until I’m 30 and then the government says I can’t go anymore. But I do still want to go. There are so many things I want to do with my life. Just waiting on the proper moment to do them all.)

The last card she flipped over came with this question, “Why are you concerned with marriage and children?” (Still concerned.)

Bam. There was the big one.

“I’m afraid that I won’t find someone who wants to travel like I do. I know it’s a big commitment and I’m just not sure there is someone out there who wants that kind of life with me.” (Valid point March Morgan!)

That was the most honest answer I’ve ever given anyone on that topic.

“You’ve already met him.” (Still shocks me.)


“It’s someone you know. When you met him, the timing wasn’t right. But sometime in May/June it will happen. He will travel the world with you. He will take care of you for a change. You’ve always given and given in relationships. You’ve been the person to take care of the other. He will ask you how YOU are doing.” (Ok, so this one is WEIRD!!! I signed up for in MAY and went on the first date with my boy friend in JUNE!!! He has already traveled with me. We went to North Carolina and hiked in July and plan to do more next spring. He DOES take care of me. He and I have a similar past and understand each other when we get down. Because of that, he sees the warning signs and does a wonderful job of taking care of me. It’s amazing. I’ve never had someone to make sure I was happy before. It’s really nice!)

“Wait, I KNOW him!?”

Smiling, “Yes, you do.” (This is where it gets weirdER. The “I know him” part. I didn’t actually meat JJ before we dated. He is from LaGrange, the town I used to and presently live in. The apartment I lived in last time was a hole in the wall. JJ looked into moving into the same dump I did! But didn’t because he’s smart. Haha! He also went to West GA in Carrollton. And I feel like there was something else that made our paths indirectly cross but I can’t remember it right now. So that’s weird. Right?)

“Well shit!” (May have been more than just “well shit” lol)

“One of your children could be born in another country, and you’re completely ok with that idea.”

By this point, my jaw has hit the floor, “Um, yeah. Actually I am. I’ve said that I would love for one of my kids to be born in Europe purely for the EU visa.”


Wtf!? Apparently, I’ve already met the man I’m going to marry, he and I are going to travel the world together, and I’m going to be a successful writer! So much positivity!! (Yay positivity!!)

At the end of the discussion, I asked her why the card Fire was right in the middle. I mean, it was smack dab in the center. She explained that it was my passion and the fact that everything is already in motion to begin the rest of my life.

Then it was over.

Payton and I said our goodbyes and silently walked away from Sylvia’s shop. A little down the way Payton asked, “So you wanna talk about it!?” And of course we did. We compared and contrasted our talks. I told her things I didn’t tell y’all and I told her all about my apparent Mr. Right.

Now, I’m by no means saying that any of this stuff is real or that it’ll come true, but it was fun to go and experience it. Maybe I actually already have met the man I’m going to marry and maybe I will get to travel the world. Maybe Payton actually will have twin boys!!! Nonetheless, I have had my tarot cards read and it was an interesting experience.

If you’re ever in Savannah, look Sylvia up! She also does group readings! It may all be hogwash, but it’s fun to just do and see what she has to say.

What are your thoughts? Am I crazy? Haha! I’m pretty sure I am!

Wow. I hadn’t read over that post in ages, and I’m sitting here laughing at myself. Well, I still have no idea if Sylvia was a scam (probably) or not (probably not too). I do believe that some people are given gifts to see into other parts of the world that everyday people cannot. That’ll get ya talkin’ won’t it? Morgan believes in ghosts and witches and maybe even psychics! But who’s to know for sure or not? I certainly don’t!

All I can tell you is that my trip to visit Sylvia (both times) was interesting. I learned things about myself that I may have speculated or refused to admit. It was an eye opening experience that I would say we all (should you want to) should go through!

Until my next visit to Sylvia (if it happens again), I hope you all continue to enjoy the story of the time I went to a psychic!

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