Thinking about a Yucatan Road Trip

So I know I’m shooting the moon a little bit, but this is a road trip I have in mind for next summer.

Yes, I do know that summer in Central America will be hell on earth, but that is what my southern American upbringing has prepared me for!!

For those of you that don’t know, I studied history in college. It’s a passion of mine to study the life and times of the past. How people went through their daily lives is interesting to me. How they found some things more important than others and build these massive structures! Can you imagine how the Israelites and other slaves actually had to build the pyramids in Egypt? I’ll study more on that next month in Egypt, but for my road trip to the Yucatan, I’d be focusing on the Mayans

The Mayans are one of the countless Native American empires, but their empire was in Central America. The Mayans pre-date the Aztecs by a few hundred years and are most well-known for their infamous calendar. Their empire stretched from Mexico to parts of El Salvador. In my road trip, I would hit three of the countries that house great Mayan structures, Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.

I’m thinking about making the trip in 5 or 6 days. I know that sounds insane, but the thing is that the drive from Cancun, Mexico to Tikal National Park in Guatemala only takes about 12 hours!! The most time consuming part of the adventure would be the stopping to see stuff. I would leave from Cancun and end up back in Cancun at the end stopping along the way to see Mayan sites and explore.

Summer of 2013 my family and I drove from Seattle to San Francisco in four days stopping to visit different West Coast sites along the way. It can totally be done!!

As of now, this adventure is in the dreaming stage. I would need to figure out costs, driving requirements, border control, and all of that other good stuff before I really start working on this trip. The hardest thing, in all seriousness, is going to be finding someone to go with me that is over the age of 25. It is so dumb that rental car agencies need you to be over the age of 25 to either 1) flat rent a car or 2) rent a car at a normal rate that’s not inflated due to age. So, if any of you would like to go on a Yucatan Road Trip next summer and you’re over 25, give me a holler!!

Until then, I’m most definitely thinking about a Yucatan Road Trip.

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  1. Morgan, I’m going to be in Belize at the end of this month visiting a couple of the sites you will most likely visit. I’ll take photos for you and share ideas once I’m back.

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