Starting to Plan for Egypt

In seven short weeks, I will board a plane to Egypt. I cannot fully express you all of you just how happy I am!!


That’s one of those places we learn about as children and dream to visit. We learn about pyramids and the Sphinx, and Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, and how the River Nile runs south to north, and how the delta today is not the same delta then, and how there’s countless villages and monuments suck to the bottom of those deltas. We learn about archaeology, the art of studying items left behind from people long ago. What did they do with this jar or that pot?

Egypt is a child’s dream.

I cannot believe that in seven weeks, I will achieve that dream. Starting to Plan for Egypt

Traveling to Egypt will be the same but different than traveling anywhere else. The world is slightly different now. Challenges present themselves that were not as prevalent twenty years ago when my grandparents visited Egypt. I have to be very careful of the clothes that I wear as well as where I walk. It’s more a matter of being aware of my surrounding and respectful rather than a matter of all out fear and worry. Nonetheless, I still have to plan and pack specially.

What to do? What to wear? How much to bring?


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  1. That is awesome! I had no idea you were headed there. I hope you will pass along your itinerary at some point and let us follow along. Traveling to Egypt changed my life and my worldview. I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

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