12 Trips in 12 Months – Yet Another Update

I was thinking about it this morning, and I’ve actually already officially done my 12 trips in 12 months! Initially, I was going for all of 2015, but then I thought about the trips that I took when I returned home from Ireland.

October, I drove out to Louisiana to visit a friend.

November, I went hiking with friends in Alabama, and Daddy and I visited the Little White House and an animal safari here in Georgia.

December, my family and I left for Orlando, which we stayed there through the beginning of January.

So! If you add those on top of the already crazy list of this I did this year, then I’ve already done my 12 in 12!!!


But! I’m not finished! 

I hope to go hiking on Sunday! Pending the weather stays as nice as it is supposed to.

On December 6, my friend Marian and I are going to Helen, GA to see the Christmas Market!

And last but certainly not least, January and February are going to be INSANE!!

I booked my flights for Egypt, England, Austria, and the Czech Republic!

I cannot wait. I’ll be adding two new countries to my list AND getting to see fantastic things like the pyramids and Stonehenge and the Schönbrunn and the snowy streets of Prague!!! The best part is that I will be visiting with friends each place I go! Hopefully, my friends will meet me in London for a few crazy nights out and to venture over to the South West portion of the country. A travel friend that I’ve never actually met in person lives in Vienna. She and I have been friends on Facebook for over a year now, but because she is from the Northern States, we’ve never actually met. And then lastly, another travel friend, Alex from TRVL101, will be studying abroad in Prague.

This trip is breaking the bank. On top of cruising down the River Nile and on Lake Nassar in Egypt, I added on the extra trips to Europe. My thought process is this:

I am an American, and it’s very expensive for me to fly back and forth across the Atlantic. BUT! If I am already over there and having a layover in Paris, I may as well hop on around the continent to visit friends and see new countries! Right!? Right!

So that’s exactly what I am doing!!

Hopefully I will have some more money saved up for another big trip come the turn of 2016 – 2017. I’m thinking about heading south!! But until then, I may have to take a serious break from tripping every month after February. That will be an almost 18 month run where I did something each month. Quite the accomplishment!!

Yay for new travels!!

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