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Wanting Adventure

It’s my last Sunday in Berlin. If the people were mean, the clouds constantly poured, and the sights were underwhelming then I would hate it here. The people have been more than kind to me. Most days are exceptionally beautiful, and the places I’ve visited have been wonderful. Therefore, I really like it here. It is bittersweet to leave.

I have wanted to go on this study abroad for a long time. I feel like a lot of this year has been me wanting things (which you all wouldn’t know since this is my sister’s blog)– better relationships, certain positions, adventures. While some of those wants fell through, I knew this study abroad was happening. I was going! And now, here I am, going home.

Where does it go from here? I’ll retell the same stories from this trip. I won’t really keep in contact with anyone of the group, unfortunately. Sometimes I will see a picture that reminds me of a place I went or laugh at a memory that was formed on this trip. One day, I will only be able to say: I spent my summer in Berlin, Germany, and I had adventures.

I was wanting adventures, and did I ever get what I wanted.

Below are my favorite pictures from these past 5 weeks. Make sure you click them to see them larger!


the Sanssouci palace in Potsdam, Germany


The Berlin Cathedral and TV Tower


The City Market Square of Krakow, Poland


Auschwitz-Birkenau and the line ending at the crematorium


Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic


From the top of the Spandau Citadel


The Botanical Garden in Berlin, Germany


Humorous Copenhagen, Denmark


Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark


Malmö, Sweden

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