Walking Where the Walkers Walked

Here’s one of my columns that was published in the Times-Georgian a few weeks ago.

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Payton and I are what some people would call “fan girls.” According to the quick Google search I just did, a fan girl is defined as “an obsessive female fan (usually of movies, comic books, or science fiction).” I would say that pretty well defines Payton and I. We have several TV shows and movie series’ that we watch like Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and countless more. One of our favorites is the AMC hit, the Walking Dead.

We love our shows so much, that we are willing to go above and beyond to feel connected to them. In London, we went to King’s Cross Station and ran through the train station in search of Platform 9¾, and on the way there, we convinced our parents to get off the underground at the Baker Street stop without explaining why and then sped off in search of 221B. And Payton found the Tardis in Macon, Georgia!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we did the same thing for the Walking Dead! What’s different this time is that Payton and I went on a guided tour of some of the Walking Dead film locations.


Atlanta Movie Tours is a company that will take you on a tour of various sites famous movies that were filmed in the Atlanta area. The Walking Dead is so famous that it actually gets two tours: Big Zombie Tour Part 1 and 2. Payton and I joined Big Zombie Tour Part 2.


We drove to Senoia to join the tour. Before the tour started, Payton and I wandered through the Woodbury Shop which is a store devoted to all things Walking Dead. Life size cut outs of characters, the comics, coffee mugs, and key chains were showcased around the store for purchase. In the basement of the store was a room decorated with props from the show. The “dead inside door” and a jail cell were some of the countless props set up. Actors from the show signed the wall decorating it with their own kind of graffiti.

At 2:30pm Payton and I met the group at the Explore Georgia tour bus and began the journey with twenty-six other Walking Dead fans from all over America.

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First we drove around Senoia while the guide talked to us about how the entire downtown area was used as the town of Woodbury. She discussed how the locals grew accustom to getting in and around filming in their town.


Next, while still in Senoia, the bus drove straight by the giant wall marking Alexandria. The guide said that people actually live in the neighborhood where Alexandria is said to take place and the wall surrounding their homes is cleared to be in place until 2019. Further from that, sometimes they get woken up in the middle of the night by explosions and bright lights. The show must go on! They were filming as we drove past, and we were able to see distant umbrellas and boom sticks.

Processed with PICSPLAY
Processed with PICSPLAY

Once the Senoia spots were out of the way, the tour bus set off in the direction of Newnan. Our tour stopped in Newnan, Grantville, and another crossroads town. We saw the zombie arena, Morgan’s house, and the barn where the Governor and Rick had their talk in season three.


Three hours later, Payton and I were back in Senoia with our fan girl insides satisfied. We had spent a solid afternoon in many of the places our favorite actors had been. She and I agreed that sooner or later we would have to do Big Zombie Tour Part 1 and see all of the Walking Dead sites in Atlanta.


If you have any questions about what other tours are available, go to http://www.atlantamovietours.com for more information and ticket purchases. Payton and I loved our day of being fan girls, and we’re sure you will too!


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