To Our Mom on Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

M: You let me be weird and say strange stuff,

M: And don’t get angry when you’ve had enough. 

M: You fix the best fried chicken ever,

M: A skill that’ll I master never. 

M: You’ll scratch my back four hours,

M: And listen to my nonsense stories about magical powers. 

M: You work hard to give us a good life. 

M: You’re a loving mom and a great wife. 

P: You question every detailed thing. 

P: You wash all the laundry from college I bring. 

P: You fix me cookies and brownies and cake. 

P: You love the crafts and cards I make. 

P: You laugh at my jokes, even though they aren’t polite. 

P: You teach me to be a lady, which I’m still learning to do just right. 

P: You are my biggest supporter, my cheerleader,

P: My advisor, and the mind reader. 

M&P: I know that sometimes we make you mad, 

M&P: And other times we make you sad,

M&P: But no matter what we say,

M&P: We love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day! 




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Morgan spends her spare time dreaming about travel and re-reading Harry Potter. She is a historian by trade and a chocoholic by addiction. She suffers from oldest child syndrome and loves the Auburn Tigers.

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