When a Swede Visits the South

My best friend in the entire world, Matilda, is visiting me in August!!

I’ve talked about her a lot on my blog. And in case you started following me recently, I met Matilda in my year abroad in Ireland. She was one of my roommates in Dublin. She’s my Harry Potter watching, Disney song singing, late night pizza eating, too much booze drinking Swedish best friend.

Matilda and I <3
Matilda and I <3

The two of us have already started planning out of sheer excitement. She’ll be here for almost one month, and I have to cram as much time with her and touristy things possible.

Living in Georgia has its perks. My hometown is close enough to Atlanta that we can drive over for the day and waste time in a long car drive. We are in great proximity to mountains, and the beach really isn’t all that far away either.

But what to do with a Swede in the Southern States?!

Food Choices:

Well she has to try Chick-fil-A. It’s Georgia’s gift to America.

And Waffle House. Drunk. At 3.00am like you’re supposed to have it.

Big Chic is fried chicken heaven. It’s a chippy for fried foods.

Little Debbie’s, Cheez Wiz, Baked Beans, and Kool-Aid are all things that we have on the regular that must be inserted into her diet.

Cracker Barrel. Purely for the Coca-Cola Cake.

Atlanta Touristy Things:

World of Coke

Georgia Aquarium

Braves Baseball

Centennial Park

Stone Mountain

Six Flags

Atlanta Zoo


Atlantic Station

Georgia Touristy Things:

Historic Banning Mills Zip-Line is the world’s longest zip-line and it’s not even ten miles from my house.

Blue Ridge Mountains and all that that includes. Helen, Dahlonega, Brasstown Bald, etc.

Savannah and Tybee Island and all of the other barrier islands is quite possibly my favorite place in the state.

All things Milledgeville. My sister goes to Georgia College and will be more than happy to show Tilda around town. Not to mention, Milledgeville was at one time Georgia’s capitol, so it has an abundance of history.

Tennessee and Alabama Touristy Things:

Chattanooga, Tennessee isn’t a far drive and has some wonderful view points.

Cheaha Mountains in Alabama has some great hiking and is a little over an hour from my house.

Auburn, Alabama. I have to take her to a football game and show her around my beloved college campus. She wants a foam finger more than anything in the world because that’s all she’s seen in the American movies at sporting events.

Florida Touristy Things:

Matilda has a friend that lives in Orlando. That is perfect for us! While her friend is working, Matilda and I can go to Disney World and Universal Studios. We won’t have to pay for a place to stay which will free up some money for us to spend on the parks.

I want to take her to one of those white sandy beaches with the clear water and extreme heat. Panama City Beach, Destin, Santa Rosa, Clearwater… Those are all great beaches to take her. She’ll need some serious sun screen though.

Do y’all have any ideas of what I should do with Matilda when she gets here?! Pretty much everything we do will have to be drivable because I’m saving all of my money for a big plane ticket later this fall.

Give me your ideas below! 

Co. Kerry - Ireland
Co. Kerry – Ireland

3 thoughts on “When a Swede Visits the South

  1. If she is at all a fan of country music, she needs to visit Nashville! It’s a pretty quick 3.5 hour drive from Atlanta. There are (really talented) live music acts in every honky tonk. Go see a couple of those and hit Waffle House afterwards! You won’t regret it.

  2. It is lovely when we meet life-long friends along the way, especially when we are travelling. Hope Matilda enjoys her visit and that you enjoyed Ireland. Thanks for following us 🙂

  3. Sweet tea is a must. I’m from the South as well and whenever I have visitors, sweet tea is a must at every meal. The coca-cola cake is to die for OMG! So amazing! Nashville has become too touristy (I’m from there). How about the NASA Museum? Or the Coca-Cola space center in Georgia? All of your ideas sound super fun though! Hope yall have fun!!

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