12 People You Meet While Living Abroad

The American Studying Abroad


This person never seems to study for their classes. And they drink a lot because they’re usually underage back home.

Your International Flatmate(s)


This person (or in my case people) are difficult to live with because of the language barrier, but somehow you make it work. You love them.


The Bar Man You Love


ALWAYS gives you extra stuff in your drink and a few on him.

The Bar Man You Hate


Charges you every. single. time.

The Techy


The Techy has G-Pros and selfie sticks and tripods and cannons and hand-held cameras and camera bags and a microchip in their wrist that tells the weather.

The Love of Your Life


You move to another country, meet the person who makes you laugh, feel pretty, safe, warm.. And then you have to leave him because your visa isn’t forever.

Your Friend Soul Mate

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This is the person who was born on another continent and speaks another language natively but seems to understand you more than the people you grew up with. You and this person will be friends forever and no matter the distance, you’ll always have stuff to talk about.

The Person You Pretend to Understand But Really Can’t


So they don’t talk English very well. But you nod in agreement all the same.

The A-Typical Backpacker


This person is usually pretty chill and game for anything. They live out of a backpack and love the nomadic life. Y’all get along pretty well.

The Travel Snob


The stamp counting, country naming, activity story telling butt head you never want to see again.

The One with All the Booze


Somehow, this one person seems to always have booze. Sometimes its beer in a can while others is a flask of whiskey. You aren’t sure how they can afford all of it but don’t argue when they offer you some.



You didn’t know you didn’t really know yourself. But you are so happy to have met the real you.

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  1. Lol, that’s great list. I can easily fit most of the people I’ve met while studying abroad in those categories. 🙂

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