The ULTIMATE Tahitian itinerary

By: Roxana Oliver

When we think about the summer destinations we would like to visit, our first thought is an exotic tropically idyllic location we see in brochures. We are excited so much that we want to start packing immediately and then something crosses our mind which makes us stop and think: it is just too far away. Well, I say: why don’t you get ready for this one-in-life-time adventure and book the tickets? That’s what I did and I ended up in Tahiti, the queen of Pacific and I have no regrets.

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and the home of deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls and beautiful beaches. First things first, I landed in Papeete, capital of Tahiti and I got a real kick out of going in various spas, restaurants and pearl shops. Then, I headed to my destination. Tahiti has so much to offer and I list one of the most beautiful and exciting things I love about this island.

Turquoise beaches

There are so many strands in Tahiti I can recommend. Many of those beaches are covered with black sand, which is something I saw for the first time in my life. You can choose some leading beaches such as black-sand Lafayette Beach which I did. But, you can also opt for some more peaceful and less developed beaches if you are for a serene getaway. On my last day in Tahiti, I visited some of those beaches and I warmly recommend them. You can surely enjoy the pristine atmosphere of the water there.

Guest Beach - 4

Beautiful overwater bungalows

Overwater bungalows are one of the main reasons why I plan to visit Tahiti again. The panoramic views of lagoons and spectacular sunsets while drinking cocktails are things which I would not trade for nothing in my life. Sleeping in an overwater bungalow is so serene. In the morning, I just descend the bungalow on leathers and I know I am in true paradise. When it comes to resorts, I warmly recommend Tahiti whether you are planning to go there alone or with your family and friends or you are newlywed and you choose some of the best Tahiti honeymoon packages.

Guest BeachThe ULTIMATE Tahitian itinerar


The first thing I did when I was in Tahiti is diving. You must not miss diving in beautiful lagoons of Tahiti. I also enjoyed a visit to the Gauguin Museum dedicated to a painter, Paul Gauguin and his life in Tahiti. Next to the Gaugin Museum is the botanical garden, a paradise on earth when it comes to tropical plants. Finally, a safari into the island’s interior is something I will never forget.

Guest Beach - 2


I must admit, once I tried Tahitian food I fell in love with. For those adventurous travellers, I recommend trying fresh fish, especially fish called mahi mahi. Poisson cur is their national dish: raw red tuna in the sauce made of lime juice and coconut milk. Absolutely delicious. Fire-grilled bananas. I would die now for this dish.


Being immersed in Tahitian culture is also one of the unforgettable experiences while I was there. I bought a dozen of their handcrafts, testimonies of their beautiful culture. I was lucky to be in Tahiti in July during the Heiva festival when I enjoyed their dance performances and ancient sporting events. Last but not least, visit the stone temples called Marae if you want to dicover Tahitian culture more closely.

Guest Beach - 3

Tahiti is a far away, but because of that it offers a glimpse into ancient culture and the new world completely opposite to ours. I would not trade nothing for this eye-opening experience in Tahiti.


3 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Tahitian itinerary

  1. Ayla says:

    This is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for ages after reading a book about it. I’ve been to Fiji and the Cook Islands but not made it to Tahiti just yet. It is just so far away from the UK. Can I ask if it was an expensive trip?


    • roxanaoliverRoxana says:

      Well we saved for quite some time, and took a really good package deal, but still it’s certainly not cheap. You can check out the prices of the agency we took, I’ve linked to their site exactly for questions like yours 🙂
      I would surely recommend that you go if you can, it’s paradise!

      Liked by 1 person

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