Even More Stuff That I Miss From Ireland

Of all the things I miss about Dublin, I think the architecture and parks are the two that surprises me most.

Walking around my hometown, we don’t have any of the Georgian Doors that are painted different colors. All over the city, you will find the doors to Georgian buildings painted different hues of red, yellow, green, and blue, and each door is more elaborate than the next. Windows on the top with paned decoration. Trim painted a fresh coat of white. Sometimes you can see where the buildings have shifted after years of wear and the panes don’t line up perfectly. It’s a perfect imperfection.


The street I lived on was called North Great George’s St. Not to be confused with South Great George’s St. as there is a major difference. North Great George’s St. is a nice residential street that has been standing since the 1730’s. The James Joyce Museum is on that street! I feel in love with the way the red brick shot into the air. How some houses had been renovated into apartments and how others were still four story homes.

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Best street in Dublin

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The parks were built for your enjoyment. Flowers bloom year round. The trees go from green to brown to bare to budding to vibrant green again. When the weather was nice, it was a fight to find a place to soak up some sun. Many an afternoon was spent strolling Saint Stephen’s Green or Merrion Square or Mount Joy Square. Wandering their paths, taking in the sights and sounds of a fresh rain in Dublin, Ireland.


My favorite park was Merrion Square. Created in 1762, it is the perfect example of Georgian architecture. The paths bent and curved between trees and budding bushes. Children laughed and shouted on playgrounds. People read on the park benches. And I saw one of the best rainbows ever in that square.


Lining the parks is more of those beautiful Georgian buildings. One of my favorite buildings is beside St. Stephen’s Green. Like one of the buildings on my street, this particular Georgian beauty is covered in vines. Jutting out from the middle of the deep green is a bright red door. On a perfect spring day, the scene is almost too much to handle.

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Vine covered buildings 😍😍

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Buildings and parks and bright doors and vine covered structures just isn’t something I see where I’m from. I grew up in a small town in Georgia, USA where plantations once ruled supreme. Oh how I miss those doors in Dublin.

If you find yourself in Dublin, Ireland soon, make sure to check some of these things out. Hotels are all around St. Stephen’s Green and Merrion Square, and conveniently enough, they are inside of those Georgian buildings. 😉 Give a click here to Hotel Direct to see what great locations are available in your price range.

Dublin’s Georgian buildings may just steal your heart like they stole mine.

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