Ending Arizona

Y’all. I just sat down and responded to ALL of the comments on my blog. I am so sorry I had been neglecting those! I swear I read them all when the notification comes up on my phone, but I got really bad about thinking, “I’ll respond later” and then later never came… Hahah! Sorry!

I’m writing this from the hotel as we are taking some of the morning to rest and (for me) get healthy. I feel 1,000x better today, but that doesn’t mean I’m healthy yet.

The hot air balloon ride got cancelled this morning. 🙁 The wind gusts were too strong. Float Balloon Tours was fantastic and called me before I even woke up to let me know the bad news. They gave me a full refund and told me to give them a call when I get back out here! I certainly will!!!

Yesterday, my dad and I went to Saguaro National Park, Tombstone, and to Opening Day for the Diamond Backs!! It was a long day, but a good one.

We’ve got some time to kill for the rest of the day before our flight this evening.

Back to work for three days and THEN!!! I got back to Washington DC this weekend!!

I’ll give a more concise Arizona post when I get back to normal life and I don’t have to write from my phone and stuff. Be looking for pictures and a video blog too!!

Peace, love, and travel



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