Heading to Arizona

I go to Arizona in the morning!

By morning, I mean that our flight is at 7.40 and we have to leave the house by 5.15 at the latest to get to the airport. 😝 Its going to be an early start, but I’m excited! 

Tomorrow we will be in Sedona. Sunday we are going to see the Grand Canyon. Monday is Tombstone, cacti, and baseball. Then Tuesday morning, I’ll be riding a hot air balloon at sunrise!! 

Super pumped! 

Be sure to follow my Instagram @TravelMorganTravel if you haven’t already. I’ll be posting pictures of the whole trip. 

Yall bee to Arizona? Is there anything we have to work into our plans!? 


2 thoughts on “Heading to Arizona

  1. Samantha says:

    So glad I found your blog! I’m also in my twenties, with student loans, and working out how to get a job, but also travel. I’m actually going on a Grand Canyon rafting trip this summer! I can’t wait to hear more about how your trip is!


    • travelmorgantravel says:

      I read a great article in the Air Magazine about a guy who did a rafting trip down the Colorado in the Canyon. It really made me want to do one! You’re so lucky!! You’ll love the Canyon though. It’s amazing!


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