12 in 12: An Update

So Far:

January: Orlando, Florida

Be prepared for magical things to happen 😁😁😁

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February: Auburn, Alabama

God's country. #Auburn

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March: Washington DC

Oh hey Washington #DC #Travel

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Up Coming:

March: Savannah, Georgia

April: Arizona

April: Washington DC

May: Savannah, Georgia

Traveling on the weekends has been wonderful! During the week, I work. On the weekends, I travel. It’s a pretty simple idea. I’m starting to get the itch for longterm travel, but I don’t know how that will pan out.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going on a day trip to Savannah. It’s about time I start to pay attention to the things my own state has to offer. Next weekend, my dad and I are going to Arizona! We’ll be exploring Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Tombstone, giant cacti, and going to opening day for the Diamondbacks! The weekend after that, I will be back in Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Then back to Savannah at the end of May for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party.

I’ve got a lot going on outside of travel. My job takes up a lot of my time, and I feel that my blog has suffered greatly because of it. I remember when I was in Ireland, I would come home after work, crawl in bed, and just write the night away. I don’t have that luxury anymore. Now, I actually have people that want to hang out with me. Haha! So my time is split. Not to mention, I have another writing project going on right now as well. Between all of those things, I am spreading myself rather thin.

But, life is good. I have a job. I have friends. I have good family. I still travel. And I still find time to write.

I hope each of you are doing well! I’ve been bad about not responding to comments lately, so if I randomly start replying to 20 at a time, don’t be surprised.

Basically, I’m just kind of out there in the world doing my thing going from one place to another trying to balance everything out.

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