The Power of Scent

So the strangest/best thing happened last night.

It was late. I’d been out with friends catching up, got home, talked to my parents, and finally around 11.30pm, I made my way to my room. I finally broke down and decided to put sheets on my bed.

Yes, I had been sleeping only on a mattress cover…..

For like… a month….

Anyways! I went into my closet and found some of the fitted sheets I used in Ireland. My heart swelled with the memories made in my room in Ireland. I couldn’t tell you how many hours were spent with Matilda curled up in bed either watching Frozen or Harry Potter eating Papa Johns and talking about boys.

I put the sheets from Ireland on my bed to have a small touch of “home” here in my childhood home.

As I was pulling the darn things from corner to corner, I caught a scent coming from the sheets. I put my nose to them, and guess what I smelt?!


I smelt my moldy, cigarette smoke ridden (not mine. Daniels. Spanish roommates), Georgian basement apartment in Dublin, Ireland.

I couldn’t believe it. I kept putting my face into different parts of the sheets to see if it was just that one spot or my imagination. But it wasn’t.

Somehow, these sheets had managed to hold on to the smell of Ireland.

That also may show you when the last time I washed these sheets was…..

They were clean when I left Ireland ok!? lol I haven’t used them since I’ve been home because I had been too sad to use them.

Now I am more than happy to sleep on them!!!

The smell will probably be gone in a few days, but that’s ok. For now, I will sleep happy knowing that a small part of Ireland is with me here.

Me on my sheets :D
Me on my sheets 😀

2 thoughts on “The Power of Scent

  1. I read somewhere that smell is the most powerful sense for memory. It seems to bypass our reasonable mind’s filters and go right to the source…like the brain has an index for smells.

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