Repatriate: St. Patrick’s Day – the Change

Y’all, life has been crazy lately and I haven’t been able to write like I’ve wanted to. There are more specific reasons why, but I don’t want to bore you with the details. So, I apologize for the delay, but here is what changed on St. Patrick’s Day to make it better.


As the day wore on, I found myself talking to a lot of people in the doctor’s office about Ireland. Asking them where their green was, and if they had ever been, and I would tell them that I had lived there for a year. Their faces would immediately light up and they’d ask me to tell them about it. I began to explain why I was there and how I fell head over heels in love with Ireland.

Many people said I was brave to just move to another country like that. They also said that they wished they had done something similar when they were my age. I felt incredibly touched by their words.

Now, I get that a lot. People tell me, “Oh that’s so cool! I wish I would have done that!” all the time. But for some reason, it really took to me on that day. I felt special. I realized that St. Paddy’s Day was more than just an excuse to go out and drink Jameson. It was a day for me to celebrate in the accomplishment I had. So I did.

Later that night, after I got off work (at 8pm), I went to the pub. My friends and I met up to hang out and join the party. I may or may not have been a slight Ireland snob, but I really didn’t care. Hahaha. I wouldn’t let my friends drink their Guinness until it had settled properly. They had no idea what I was on about. Poor dears.

While we were drinking, we ran into some kids from high school. These were people that I knew of or maybe were acquaintance with, but I certainly wasn’t really friends with them. The first thing they said to me was how shocked they were at all the traveling I had done.

They’d kept up with me.

They’d followed me.

They’d kind of envied me.

Y’all. I’m actually a modest person, but that made me feel great! It was total validation for how I wanted to feel on St. Patrick’s Day and uplifting to know that people from my home town were keeping up with me.

Gosh I know what it sounds like to read that. It sounds freaking terrible. I can’t believe I’m putting that on my blog, but I’m known for being honest, so I’m gonna be honest.

It felt freaking amazing.

So St. Patrick’s Day went from a day of depression to a day of celebration to a day of slight (ish) gloating. I kept it level, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t show boating. But I definitely basked in the glory of being recognized for my accomplishments.

Want to know what else it did? Fueled me to keep going. Ireland wasn’t enough. I want to teach English somewhere. I want to do another Working Holiday.

I’m not finished just yet.

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  1. I get it.! As much as we understand the reasons for what we did what we did….sometimes it’s nice to know that others recognize our accomplishments however big or small.! So enjoy the moment 🙂

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