The Most Perfectly Imperfect Saturday Ever

I went to Washington DC to see the sights and see a few friends. Instead, I went to Washington and saw friends and a few sights. It was perfectly imperfect.

It all started when my good buddy Niki and I met at the National Mall. She and I planned to tackle as many museums and monuments as possible. To say the least, she and I talked about boys, yelled War Eagle!, and took pictures with Honest Abe. We also. accidentally made a penis picture with the Washington Monument. Nik and I walked around the Mall for a solid two hours catching up when we started to get hungry.

It was near this time that I heard from my friend Shaun. Ok, Shaun and I were kids together. We went to the same elementary and middle school, but then he didn’t come back for high school. Turned out that the kid was a genius and he just skipped high school and went straight on to college!

I had not seen this kid in 10 years. TEN YEARS!

Then out of the clear blue sky (more like cloudy sky) he contacted me! I knew he was living in DC, but I had no idea what he was up to. He must have seen on my Facebook that I was in town, so he contacted me. Niki and I decided to head to Georgetown for food and told him to meet up with us at some point.

Nik and I had to walk all the way back to the metro, wait on the stupid train, and then walk another 275 miles to the freaking burger joint we wanted to eat at. I mean COME ON. There are ZERO metro stations in Georgetown. That means walk and walk and walk some more. I enjoy walking! But not when I’m hungry. That’s a sure way to make me hangry. Anyways, after fighting off a few storm troopers, Nik and I finally made it to Good Stuff Eatery.

I hadn’t heard of this place, but apparently it’s famous. Some guy from the food network or something owns it? I dunno, but it was AWESOME! I got just a plain old cheeseburger (because they are the best. Why mess with the classic?) and a oreo milkshake. You know you have a good milkshake when you have to eat it with a spoon. And you know the burger is good when the cheese melts into the burger. Mmmmm!!! I have a smile smeared across my face just thinking about the gloriousness that was that burger.

All the while Nik and I were eating, we were trying to keep in touch with Shaun and Niki’s sister, Ildiko, who also lives in DC. We were hoping to all kind of meet up in one place, but we knew the likelihood of that was slim to none.








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