Quick Update

Hey Gang!

  1. I have officially booked my flight to Arizona!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I want to go hiking in North Carolina in May.

  3. I will be in Washington DC on Friday!!!

  4. I may or may not be going on a quickie trip down to Orlando, Florida later this month to watch some baseball.

  5. This is awesome.

I cannot believe that everything is falling into place as it is at the moment. Unfortunately, I didn’t travel anywhere in the month of February. ๐Ÿ™ That just means that I need to double up somewhere.

Thank you all SO much for your comments on my last post about what to do in DC! I’ve made a giant list and am currently working on scheduling everything into a doable plan. Any and all tips are still welcome!

I am continuously blown away by the love and support of y’all readers. I more or less took a month off in February to gather my thoughts and figure things out. Y’all still clicked around my blog and emailed me and checked in on me. Thank you so much for being awesome!

Be ready for a lot of American travel to come your way in the next few months. Things are about toย heat up in the South and the weather will be much better for ourdoorsy stuff. Hiking, fishing, and random exploration will be happening on the regular. The weather today is currently 75f. That doesn’t mean much as tomorrow it will be a cozy 45f. But!! This means that spring is right around the corner.

Get excited!!

Peace, love, and travel


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