Valentine’s Day and Travel

Everyone knows the story of how I became single. Old boy friend was mean so I dumped him and moved to Ireland. Since then, I’ve “dated” and “hung out” with several guys. They ranged in nationality from Irish to Polish to Canadian to French to American. Each of these guys were different, and by different I mean DIFFERENT. One was a biker with piercings and tattoos while another “experimented.” One guy was really awkward while another was almost he perfect man. Guys are weird like that. They’re all strange and different. Guys come in varying weights, sizes, looks, and interests, yet to date, I have not found “the one.”

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. It’s the glorified day of “I love you” where if you do not receive or send a super expensive bouquet of flowers, then you are not and do not love. Valentine’s Day is the last day of the year I want to receive flowers. I don’t want them out of obligation but of love. Please, men, do not send me flowers because you feel that I would be slighted if you didn’t. As long as you are tender and loving to me, then I know you love me. That’s all I require. However, I am single and will be shocked to the moon and back if I actually get flowers from anyone.

So what does a single traveler to to celebrate Valentine’s Day? She hangs out with her love: Travel. Just because I don’t have a significant other to go somewhere with me, doesn’t mean that I can’t go.

Living abroad taught me how to love myself. I learned how to love my surroundings. Traveling solo taught me how to love strangers and buildings. I learned to love.

Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Love?

So I am going to spend my Valentine’s Day doing something I love with someone I love.

Traveling with myself.

I’m not sure where I am going not what I will do. Maybe I’ll just get in my car and drive to the beach. All I know is that traveling the world has taught me to love more completely. And in that love, I learned to love myself.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. May you spend the day filled with joy and love with those that you care for most in the world. It doesn’t matter if that person is you significant other, family, friends, or yourself; I hope you have a blessed day.

With love,


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