Just Bought a Plane Ticket!!!

Y’all!! I just bought my first plane ticket on 2015!!

I have the world’s biggest and most goofiest smile on my face, and I don’t even care. It was wonderful. I cannot express to you how great it was to put in my credit card info and buy a plane ticket. It’s the best feeling.

Ok gang. Y’all ready to know where I’m going?


Whoop whoop!! Any of y’all in the area on Saturday March 6 or Sunday March 7, please let me or TRVL 101 know! I would be more than happy to meet up for coffee at the White House or wander through the Smithsonian or gaze into the waters of the waters of that reflection pool thing by the Lincoln Memorial. The point is, I WILL BE IN DC IN MARCH!!! 😀

Alex (TRVL 101) and I will be going to a travel expo show thing on Sunday the 7th. If you’d be interested in that as well, give one of us a shout.

I am super excited. SO pumped. The last time I was in DC, I was 17 years old and with my family on one of our many road trips. Going back as an adult will be great. Also, we all know I am nothing but a total history buff and DC is about the best place possible to do that.


My sister and I the last time we were in Washington DC - 2008
My sister and I the last time we were in Washington DC – 2008

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