Happy First Birthday to Travel Morgan Travel!!

I published my very first blog post on WordPress on February 1, 2014. Travel Morgan Travel is officially one year old!


Words cannot describe how truly thankful I am for all of y’all who have read my blog from beginning to middle to now, and how thankful I am for those of you who have joined the crazy train since then. I write for y’all. These may be my ramblings and my stories, but I share them with y’all. It means the world to be to watch my stats rise, get comment notifications from friends I’ve made here, and meeting new people all the time. I never would have imagined myself keeping a blog steady and posting as regularly as I have. I’m glad y’all seem to enjoy it because it gives me the motivation to keep writing!

Travel Morgan Travel started as a place for me to share my stories of Ireland with family and friends at home. It began small with me sharing posts to Facebook and Twitter on the regular. Those of you who follow me on either of those sites know what I’m talking about. In recent months, I have only shared the occasional post to Facebook (Twitter has the publicized thing set up. It does it automatically). Y’all keep coming back to read more even without the links staring you in the face. I am so blessed and thankful.

For the first time EVER, I received over 1,000 visitors to Travel Morgan Travel in a single month. When that stat popped up the other day, I liked to have died. January was AWESOME! I went from having zero followers to over 1,000 people popping by the blog in one month. Blessed. That’s all I am, and it’s totally because of y’all.

So to give y’all a reminder of what y’all showed so much love to over the last year, here are a few things topping the charts.

Top Posts

In Case You Were Wondering

The Expectation and Reality of Living Abroad

I’m a mess and that’s okay.

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Top Commenters

The Great Escape

Jen is a riot! She’s a Georgia girl (like me!!) living in Hungary teaching English.

TRVL 101

Alex is a travel blogger living in Virginia. His specialty is helping other college kids like himself travel the world on a budget. If that’s you, give him a shout!


My Irish blogger friend. Love her.

Packing my Suitcase

A Brazilian who married a German and is now living in Germany. She posts GREAT stuff on Instagram too!!

I Follow Islands

German now living in Dublin. She and I will get that coffee one day. 😉

The Mauritian Geographer

A girl from Mauritius living in Turkey. She and I have been through some of the same stuff just on different parts of the globe. #TwentySomethingsUnite!

 Total Followers

878 followers just on Travel Morgan Travel through WordPress.

I reach over 3,500 through all of my social medias.

Total Views

38,512 views as of this morning!!

Again, thank y’all so much for putting up with my crazy emotional roller coaster from the past year. I’ve had a great time getting to know y’all and hearing y’all’s stories and sharing mine with each of you. I will continue to write and hope to grow more as a person and a blogger. Please keep coming back and sharing more of yourself with me as I share more of myself with you.

I love y’all!!

Peace, Love, and Travel

Morgan <3 🙂

10 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday to Travel Morgan Travel!!

  1. Oh Wow Congrats! I’ve only just began down this blogging road and at times it seems so difficult I’m wondering If I’ll last the year… but I really want it to last so I guess it will!! thats positive thinking at its best right?

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