To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

Passed out before midnight. And see how much room I left my poor sister... hahahaha
Passed out before midnight on New Years Eve. And see how much room I left my poor sister… hahahaha

Ok guys, let’s have honesty time! How many of us have ever just taken time out of our travel adventures to rest or sleep? I know I have!

In the picture above, my sister and I are passed out cold on New Years Eve after a long day in Sea World. And yes, it’s like 7.00pm when this picture was taken. We woke up in time for pizza and a little football but was asleep again before the fireworks went off at midnight.

Is that sad or healthy? I say healthy!

Sometimes a good nap is all you need to feel better. That goes for everyday life as well as when you’re on the road. Just because you’re traveling here, there, or everywhere does not mean that you have to go all the time. Take some time to rest. Heal your body and your mind. Sleep when you need to. Please don’t feel like a party pooper just because you may want to take an afternoon to stay in and rest. You’re body will be much happier with you if you take care of it with sleep and rest.

Do you have any much needed sleep stories? Tell me below!

10 thoughts on “To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

  1. I’d definitely agree with healthy! When I went to Hong Kong with a friend, we were so exhausted that we weren’t actually enjoying ourselves and it got to the point where we actually felt ill. I wouldn’t say we napped, it was more like a full nights sleep during the day, but it was so worth it because we saw Hong Kong in such a different way to what we did when we were tired.

  2. When I took my flight from Brussel to San francisco, I had a first flight from Brussel to New york. I felt tired, but I was forcing myself to stay awake to not be messed up by the time difference. When I had to take the other flight, from new york to san francisco, I was feeling the sleep creeping onto me. I was fighting. so much. I felt asleep without realizing and I woke up my mouth open, full of saliva everywhere, just before landing in san francisco. Of course, I couldn’t sleep well that same night.. sometimes, it’s difficult to control the body when it comes to falling asleep 😀

  3. Usually after being on an overnight bus, I tend to have a little nap in the afternoon if I have the luxury or just go to bed early. These days I’m in bed by 9.30 pm and you know what, I love it! I would rather rest and then enjoy myself than force myself to stay awake and not see anything

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